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Females Should Pay Attention to Chronic Pelvic Pain

What is the female pelvic pain, and when it can be considered chronic?
Pelvic pain refers to pain that would affect the lower abdomen and the pain in pelvis’s one or more associated parts.
Depending on its cause, the pain may without warning or monthly menstrual cycles come and go, or it may be irregular. The scope of Pelvic pain can be mild or more severely which would affect the health or sex life, everyday life, family relationships and your happiness and distress.
Chronic pelvic pain is generally used to describe pelvic pain has lasted at least six months. In addition, there is no single widely accepted definition to determine chronic pelvic pain.
Some health experts defined it as pain caused by a medical problem. Others put it as no apparent reason or circumstances have been diagnosed or pain persists after treatment is caused by some reasons.
Women with chronic pelvic pain can be a difficult medical mystery. Although experts have to understand all possible causes of pelvic pain, especially when it has become chronic one. Whenever the medical causes of chronic pain, treatment is necessary. This is different from a known health problems caused by the treatment of pain, such as endometriosis.
What is the common cause of women with chronic pelvic pain?
The most common causes of chronic pelvic pain are endometriosis, adenomyosis,uterine fibroids or scarring (adhesions), or pelvic infection or surgery in the abdomen pelvis. Some women with pelvic pain might be linked with urinary tract or intestinal diseases, including irritable bowel syndrome.
Sometimes, women with chronic pelvic pain have been no clear reason, even after detailed testing. Other times, after a cause of pain, the affected nerve does not stop the transmission of pain signals. This is called neuropathic pain, a chronic pain.
How to diagnose women with chronic pelvic pain?
There are many possible causes of chronic pelvic pain in women, so the most important thing is to see your health professional for a thorough examination. Although your situation can be easily diagnosed by pelvic exam, Pap smear, and blood and urine smears, you are still expected to do a series of further medical consultation and testing. At the beginning, you may do vaginal ultrasound can be used to detect many types of pelvic growth and anomalies. You may also do a laparoscopy to check the cause of the pain.
Once you are confirmed that your chronic pelvic pain is caused by endometriosis, adenomyosis,  pelvic inflammation disease, uterine fibroids or scarring (adhesions), don't worry, there is better solution that has been proven effective on these situations. The herbal supplement "fuyan pill" from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic has been proven useful on curing chronic pelvic pain that are caused by these conditions. And this pill is made up of more than 50 herbs, it is as safe as the vegetables we eat every day. It could kill pathogen, anti-inflammation, clear heat, and promote the blood circulation. It could cure chronic pelvic pain caused by these diseases.
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