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How to Protect Uterus through Yoga for Females?

While the rhythm of people’s living is speeding up, more and more people like excising yoga now. Yoga is very helpful to keep us in good health and figure. Undoubtedly, the uterus is so important for each female and we can also protect our uterus through yoga.
We have to do some special yoga poses regularly to maintain our uterus in good status. Now I will introduce some basic yoga poses for uterus maintenance.
A.     Lie flat and put up your leg
Lie flat and lift your pelvis with holding up your waist by hands firstly. Raise your right leg slowly and keep your calf parallel with the ground. Tighten your chin and look at the front horizontally. It can strengthen the extension of the abdomen and tighten the uterus. Otherwise, it can stimulate the ovaries’ secretion and exercise your concentration.

B.      Plow Pose
Put up your two legs 90 degree upward and support the back of your waist with your two hands. Than you can set up your back slowly and drop your legs on the ground. Keep your shoulder still with tightening your chin and extending your legs naturally. Put the center of your two palms downwardly and press the ground. Be sure to balance your body. With this pose, your uterus can be added with new blood, then your uterus and pelvis will get purification. Besides, it can help remit the intense and pressure of the lower part of your body and eliminate edema of your legs.

C.     Horoscope pose to detox
Lie flat and put up your two legs 90 degree upward slowly. Hold your heel with your two hands and separate your two legs extremely, and then raise your head slowly and look upward. Keep this pose for 20 seconds. This pose can stimulate your uterus and pelvis so as to strengthen the softness of this area and dredge this area as well as massage your organs.

D.     Pose with hand-putting up
Cross your legs and cross your hands in front of your chest. Inhale and put up your hands upward slowly. Stretch your shoulder, chest and belly with your head down. Stay for a while when you do the pose well and concentrate on the breath of your lower abdomen. This pose can strengthen the breath of your abdomen so as to drive the movement of your uterus and calm down your figure.

Have you learnt the four poses introduced above? I hope this article can help you keep your uterus in good status!
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