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Re-infection or relapse, which is the exact cause of recurrent bacterial vaginosis?
Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a women disease that caused by abnormal malodorous vaginal discharge. And it is the most common vaginal infection for women of reproductive age. Recurrent BV refers to three or more episodes of BV every year, and the rate of recurrent BV is as high as 80% of BV according to the study. And the treatments are seemed not that useful, for most cases of BV would reoccur, this result lead to both patients and providers frustrated a lot.
People have clear understanding about the causes of BV, however, they are wondering about what is exact cause of recurrence BV? In fact, there are two sayings about causes of recurrence BV that making them confused. Some experts hold an opinion that re-infection is the reason that making BV recur easily. While there is still great number of providers who think relapse is the cause.
Bacterial vaginosis is a simple infection, if you cure it with the suitable treatment. Unfortunately, many females just use a single course of antibiotics prescribed by providers to relief its symptoms. When they feel much better, they won't continue their treatment. Thus most patients would experience recurrent bacterial vaginosis in the following few months even they are not re-infected.
What's more, from recent study, it shows that at risk factors for repeated episodes of BV own to relapse. Women who complain of an abnormal discharge at the end of therapy are likely to develop early recurrence. Some asymptomatic women considered themselves cured after treatment, but they continued to have significant abnormalities of vaginal flora, the more severe the abnormality the earlier the recurrence. All above findings sustain the saying of relapse.
After finding out the exact cause of recurrence BV is relapse, people would pay more attention to the treatments for it, when they infect with BV at the first time. BV would never reoccur, only when it is eliminated completely.
Antibiotics for BV are not usually useful. What's worse, antibiotics couldn't permeate into the root of BV, it hard to eliminate all the symptoms of BV completely. Then BV would reoccur easily, because of relapse.
Luckily, through years' of hard work from traditional Chinese herbalists, they work out an effective solution for recurrence BV. And that is herbal medicine FUYAN PILL. It has shown great effects on eliminating BV without reoccur. It is as safe as the food we eat. It has the similar functions as antibiotics, but does not has the side effects or drug resistances as antibiotics do. This pill is one the most effective methods to prevent BV from reoccurring.
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