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New natural way to cure pelvic pain in women

A great number of reproductive-age females may be suffer from  pelvic pain that goes untreated, based on the results of a brand new study. Over 400 females, who have pelvic pain, were surveyed by researchers in the National Institutes of Wellness along with the University Of Utah School Of Medicine, Salt Lake City.
According to the result of this search, about 40% women who had pelvic pain were diagnosed with endometriosis. And nearl30% of them had pelvic inflammation disease. The rest 30% were caused by other medical conditions, such as uterine fibroids, Pelvic Congestion Syndrom, ovarian cysts, and tumors.
Women whose pelvic pains are caused by endometriosis or pelvic inflammation disease would suffer from tough pain during intercourse, periods' cramping, and pain with bowel movements. It is not hard to judge from the result that endometriosis and pelvic inflammation disease is the primal reasons that leading to women's pelvic pain. In other words, the main purpose to help women get rid of pelvic pain is to cure endometriosis and pelvic inflammation disease.
Usually, surgery can't clear up this pain, particularly when surrounding organs, such as including the bladder, bowel and pelvic floor muscles, become involved. What's worse, surgery would bring great harm to women's body, so surgery is not wise choice for females who are suffering from pelvic pain.
Medicines like common antibiotics and hormones can't drive away the kind of pain completely. Because most of antibiotics and hormones couldn't reach to the root of the diseases. Pelvic pain would easily reoccur once patients stop taking the medicines.
Through yoga and physiotherapy could reduce the pain temporally, since patients always compensate with other muscles to avoid using the ones that hurt, leading to ankle pain, for example. Those treatments can help keep healthy of the rest body. It does no help to cure the diseases, and it couldn't eliminate the pelvic pain completely.
Fortunately, through traditional herbalist years' hard work, a new natural way to cure pelvic pain has been found. The herbal therapy "fuyan pill", it is made from natural herbs, but has similar functions with antibiotics. What's more, it could permeate into the root of the diseases by blood circulation. It can kill bacteria, eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria, and clear heat. Thus it could cure pelvic pain permanently. It is one of the most suitable treatments for pelvic pain so far.
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