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Nil Sperm Count - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

What is nil sperm count?

Nil sperm count is a condition that there's no sperm found in semen fluid at all. Nil sperm

count is a specific condition among all azoospermia cases. 

What causes nil sperm count?

Causes of nil sperm count varies but there're two basic conditions:
- The testicles produce sperm but they cannot be carried out via spermduct, which is also

called obstructive nil sperm count.
- The testicles doesn't produce sperm, which is also called non-obstructive nil sperm count.

Obstructive nil sperm count is caused by two factors: varicocele and spemrduct blockage.

Non-obstructive nil sperm count can be caused by the following factors:
- Certain hormonal disorders
- Testicle conditions
- Klinefelter's syndrome

What are nil sperm count symptoms?

Nil sperm count doesn't cause any symptom in men. However men with nil spem count may find

it difficult to make their wife or girlfriend conceive.

How is nils sperm count diagnosed?

Nil sperm count is diagnosed via semen analysis and testicular biopsy.

Test twice for semen analysis is necessary for diagnosis in case the result of test is affected by other body conditions. A semen analysis evaluates certain characteristics of a male's semen and the sperm contained therein. If there was no sperm found in semsn analysis for twice, nil sperm count can be diagnosed.

A testicular biopsy is for a further diagnosis to check if there's living sperm in the testicle. This is the basic method to help doctors distinguish it's a obstructive nil sperm count or not.

How is nil sperm count treated?

Secondary nil sperm count can be treated once the cause of this condition is found. The treatment should be aiming at treating the cause before correcting the abnormity of testicles.

Nil sperm count caused by primary factors(Klinefelter's syndrome or testicular underdevelopment) may not be treated or be completely treated. Persistent hormone injections or intake can be helpful on some cases.





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