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Prostate Calcification - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

What is prostate calcification?

Prostate calcification is a "scar" that remains after prostatitis gets cured. Early stage prostate calcification is a fibrosis of prostate. Common it is occur with no symptom. Such a fibrosis may occur in your body but you feel nothing about it. As prostate fibrosis develops, there would be calcification spots.

What causes prostate calcification?

Prostate calcification can be caused by various of factors: prostate tuberculosis, damage of prostate, parasite ova, and tumour calcification. Slight prostate calcification can also be found on some health men.

Prostate calcification (fibrosis) is the result of the prostate inflammation, which is also a sign of prostate stone. This condition is often found on a small gruop of men who suffered prostatitis and unfurtunatelly there's no specificly way to prevent calcification from developing.

What are prosatate calcification symptoms?

Prostate calcification itself doesn't cause any symptom, this condition is often found after ultrasound or X-ray tests. However as it's often accompanied with chronic prostatitis, men with prosatate calcification may probably experience prostatitis symptoms.

How is prostate calcification diagnosed?

Tests for prostate calcification include:
- Ultrasound
- CT scan
- Prostate biopsy

How is prostate calcification treated?

Prostate calcification spots is a shelter of bacterial and other pathogens, which can hardly be completely eliminated by drugs and microwaves. Those spots can hardly be completely cleared away, also it is unnecessary to completely get rid of them. As long as the spots are not mass in its area or amount, they would bring no negative influences. As a result, some doctors don't make comments on the calcification when they are testing for your prostatitis.

Prostate calcification is often treated with the following methods:

Antibiotics are the most popular treatment for prostate calcification at present. It is immense to cure acute prostatitis with antibiotics. However, their effect in curing chronic prostatitis is always not that prominent as it is expected. The drug resistance of bacteria and other microbe is a insurmountable hinder of antibiotics. So on some chronic prostatitis sufferers, they may feel an improvement while taking the pills, but symptoms reappear when they stop the treatment. Large doses of antibiotics can be suggested by some doctors, which is with minor possibility of curing prostatitis, but is associated with high risk of hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity.

Injection in gland often exist as a supplement treatment of antibiotic treatment. Because oral intake of antibiotics cannot reach enough concentration in the gland, the injection arises. However, clinical cases in these years found, infections of drugs is also with the defect that it cannot completely cure prostate calcifications.
Physical therapy

Some physical therapies can promote prostate blood circulation by physical measures such as ultrasound. They can promote the release of inflammation. Pathogens cannot be killed by these methods, so they also exist as adjuvant therapies.
Herbal medicine

TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) keep a conception that the fibrosis, calcification and inflammation or prostate are of the same causes: obstruction of heat and dampness in lower abdomen, obstruction of blood and Qi. For the treatment, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote blood and Qi circulation, clear away heat and dampness, they are necessary in the prescription. For long-term inflammation, diuretic herbs are also needed. In as short as 60 days, the calcified tissue can be softened and the pain alleviated. It can be a safe, radical, and complete cure of prostate calcification at early stage.

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