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The influence and damage of hydrosalpinx on assisted reproductive technology
Hydrosalpinx is one of the tubal problems which can lead to infertility for female. For those females suffering infertility problems, they may choose assisted reproductive technology to get pregnant perfectly. Thus, what’s the influence and damage of hydrosalpinx to assisted reproductive technology?

1.      Hydrosalpinx, as a long-standing abnormal accumulation of fluid nearby the ovary on one hand, can oppress ovarian blood vessels, reduce supply for ovarian, release toxins and a variety of inflammatory cytokines, and affect ovarian function and reactivity of COH to hormone. On the other hand, most of the Hydrosalpinx patients have chronic pelvic infection and severe pelvic adhesion problems. Hydrosalpinx have mechanical effect on the growth of eggs stimulated by ovary. What’s more, a wide range of Hydrosalpinx may make it difficult to take assisted reproductive surgery because it is easy to pierce and get inflammation and affect the recycle of eggs.
2.      The influence of Hydrosalpinx reflux to endometrial receptivity: It can cause Hydrosalpinx reflux into the uterus after getting inflammation, which can make organization release cytokines, prostate, and leukocyte chemotactic factors of other inflammatory compounds. They may act on endometrium directly or through transportation of blood and lymph, which may influence the process of fertilized eggs and reduce the endometrial receptivity of endometrium to embryonic and affect the embryo implantation.
3.      The influence of Hydrosalpinx to embryonic development: It is still controversial that if hydrosalpinx has toxic effect on embryonic development. Some scholars suggest that microbes, lymphocytes and other cytokines in hydrosalpinx may have toxic effect on embryonic development.
4.      The disturbance of Hydrosalpinx on the interactions between endometrium and embryo: Hydrosalpinx may reverse flow into the uterine cavity on the embryo flushing and easily cause the loss of early embryo. Meanwhile, the Hydrosalpinx existing on the surface of the endometrium may interfere with the interaction of endometrium and embryo so as to cause the failure of implantation.
To treat Hydrosalpinx, the following methods are usually used: anti-inflammation, puncture pumping through vaginal fluid, tubal excision, and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Patients with Hydrosalpinx are suggested to have laparoscopic clamps before getting assisted reproductive surgery if it is examined the unilateral or bilateral Hydrosalpinx are moderate above (the volume is greater than 75 px3). However, this surgery would also bring harm to women’s body, and the rate to get pregnant is not that high. In this case, you could try a very effective herbal medicine fuyan pill, it is made from natural herbs without any side effects. It could help unblock the fallopian tubes completely within several months. What’s more, after having been cured, the rate to get pregnant is very high.
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