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After Removing Uterus for Adenomyosis, What Should You Care?
What is the cause of adenomyosis?
1. Endocrine disorders
The ovarian function will gradually decline when women are 40-50 years old, and the body's estrogen level will increase significantly, which will cause excessive proliferation of the female endometrial lining and will induce adenomyosis.
2. Miscarriage
Whether artificial abortion surgery or medical abortion, it can cause some endometriosis. And ectopic endometrium can cause adenomyosis.
3. Cesarean section surgery.
A cesarean section may also bring the endometrium into a woman's myometrium. Generally, adenomyosis can develop in about 1 to 2 years. Therefore, choose a reliable obstetric hospital for delivery and regular health care after delivery. Inspection is vital.
4. The uterus tilts backward.
Retroversion of the uterus can cause the blood in a female uterus to be unable to discharge smoothly. And fragments of the endometrium take the opportunity to enter the female myometrium, causing adenomyosis.
5. Dysmenorrhea.
Many young people have dysmenorrhea. During dysmenorrhea, the uterus has spastic contractions, which can transfer the endometrium to the myometrium and cause adenomyosis.
What should women care about removing the uterus for adenomyosis?
1. Avoid heavy physical labor such as lifting heavy objects within 3-6 months of rest.
2. Care hygiene, do not take vaginal lavage and bath within six weeks.
3. After 6-8 weeks of surgery, the deep tissues in the pelvic cavity can recover before they can have an everyday sexual life.
4. Eat more foods containing protein, vitamins, and iron, such as fish soup, grapes, cherries, vegetables, etc., conducive to the recovery of incisions. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and high-fiber foods to prevent constipation.
5. Insufficient blood supply to the ovary may cause hormonal instability in the short term. Symptoms similar to menopause should be increased calcium and hormone intake such as animal bones, dried fish, soy foods; Eat as less irritating and gas-producing foods as possible.
6. In general, wounds (including vaginal wounds) will heal completely six weeks after surgery. If there are abnormalities such as fever, abdominal pain, abnormal vaginal discharge, foul smell, abnormal bleeding, frequent urination, urine retention, etc., patients need to check timely and scientific treatment.
Surgical treatment has a relatively high risk of postoperative infection, and hospitalization will also increase the psychological pressure of patients. In addition to surgical treatment, patients can also choose medication to treat adenomyosis. 
For young patients with fertility requirements, near menopause, and unwilling to undergo surgical treatment, herbal medications, such as Fuyan Pill, can be considered. Fuyan Pill can safely and effectively treat adenomyosis. Drug treatment does not require hospitalization, which can significantly reduce the psychological pressure of patients.
Adenomyosis is a common gynecological disease. How should women actively prevent it?
1. Insist on contraception, and insist on not doing or doing less artificial abortion.
2. During menstruation, unnecessary gynecological examinations should be avoided. If patients check the uterus, they should not excessively squeeze the uterus to prevent the endometrium from being pressed into the fallopian tube and cause endometrium implantation in the abdominal cavity.
3. Avoid iatrogenic implants when performing uterine fibroids, especially those penetrating the uterine cavity during the operation. Or those who have undergone cesarean section to avoid endometrium Debris planted in the incision to cause an abdominal wall incision or brought into the pelvic cavity for planting, causing pelvic endometriosis.
4. Try to avoid performing gynecological surgery close to the menstrual period. When patients must do it, they should act gently and avoid squeezing forcefully.
5. Adjust a good treatment mentality, keep a comfortable mood, and avoid being too depressed or dull.
6. Appropriate aerobic exercise, such as walking, but it is forbidden to be overworked.
7. Pay attention to keeping the body warm and avoiding colds, etc. which may reduce the body's resistance.
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