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Surgical treatment is not the best choice for adenomyosis patients
The adenomyosis patients used to be more than 40 years old. However, it has the youth oriented tendency. For the treatment of this disease, surgical treatment is mainly adopted at present except hormone therapy. Then many patients have doubted whether surgery is really a good choice and whether it has a remarkable curative effect. In this article, the author will make an answer for this.
What are the surgical treatments of adenomyosis?
1. Radical surgery. For the treatment of adenomyosis, radical surgery mainly refers to hysterectomy. Uterus is an important part of female reproductive organs, so hysterectomy is applicable to women who have no fertility requirements. Besides, if women have serious adenomyosis, a hysterectomy is also recommended in order to avoid any residual lesions.
2. Conservative surgery. Conservative surgical treatments include lesions resection, resection of endometrial and muscular layer and myometrium electric coagulation, of which lesions resection is the most commonly used. This method can avoid the complete removal of uterus, keeping the females' reproductive function. However, it has a high recurrent rate in clinic.
Is surgical treatment a good choice? 
From above introduction, a conclusion can be drawn: surgical treatment is not a good choice for adenomyosis patients.
The radical surgery, even for women who have no fertility requirements, will do great harm to patients as a result of the surgery, and it will make trouble for patients' recovery. Not to mentation patients with fertility requirements but forced to receive a hysterectomy due to the serious conditions.
As for the conservative surgical treatment, avoiding total removal of uterus does keep females' reproductive function to a certain extent, it affects the fertility however. The reason lies in the incomplete womb. What's worse, this method can not completely eliminate pathogens, so the disease is easy to relapse. And the repeated resection after recurrence will ultimately lead to total removal of the uterus.
In comparison with surgical treatment, drug therapy is better.
As surgery is not suitable for everyone, and doesn't have a remarkable curative effect, patients might as well try drug therapy. 
Viewing from the effects and safety, hormone therapy is not recommended. Instead, traditional Chinese medicine is being more and more applied in clinic. Patients can take patent medicine fuyan pill to eradicate adenomyosis. Being made of more than 50 kinds of herbs, fuyan pill is safe and natural, and it has no side effects. In addition, as fuyan pill is a patent medicine, it is trustworthy.

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