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Dietary restrictions for adenomyosis patients

Adenomyosis is a disease that is hard to eradicate. And the reasons on the one hand lies in the improper treatment, on the other hand is the unreasonable diet habits. The right diet habits are beneficial to the patients' recovery. So this article mainly sums up some dietary restrictions for the adenomyosis patients.

1. The patients with adenomyosis should be on a reasonable diet 
Patients need to pay attention to the nutrition supplement. They should replenish enough minerals while maintaining a balanced diet, and avoid food too sweet or too salty. They can eat more vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, etc.
2. Acidic food is inadvisable for adenomyosis patients
Acidic food such as rice vinegar, pickles, cherry, zizyphus jujube, mango, apricot, plum, lemon, all have the effects of convergence and astringency. They are easy to make acerbity sluggish blood, making trouble for menstrual blood motivation and discharge. So patients, especially dysmenorrhea patients should eat less acidic food.
3. Patients with adenomyosis should stop eating acrid food
Spicy and excitant food can aggravate the pelvic congestion and inflammation, and they can also cause excessive uterine muscle contraction, thus exacerbating the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Therefore, in daily life, foods like chili, pepper, garlic and onion should be banned.

4. Coffee and cigarettes should be avoided for adenomyosis patients
Coffee and cigarettes will affect the vascular contraction. So they are prone to cause abnormal menstrual periods and dysmenorrhea. Consequently, patients should eat such food less.
5. Patients with adenomyosis should eat less cold food
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that adenomyosis is mainly related to blood stasis which comes into being due to qi stagnation and congealing cold. So, patients should eat less cold food to prevent the disease from aggravating. Common cold food includes cold drinks, watermelon, banana, balsam pear, etc. In addition, blowing air conditioning is prohibited in summer.
The above five points are what has been arranged for the dietary taboos of adenomyosis patients. Reasonable diet habits do contribute to the treatment of diseases, but they can only act as a supplementary role.

To radically cure the disease, patients should also receive aggressive treatment. As for this, you are recommended to try a national patent medicine, Fuyan Pill, which has an outstanding effect in treating adenomyosis. 
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