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How to tell what condition, endometriosis or adenomyosis, you get from the symptoms
There are two different conditions that can be mixed up easily by people, since the symptoms of the two are so similar. However, the two also are the top two conditions that can be affected by people. They are endometriosis and adenomyosis. Since the diagnosis is the base of the treatment, it is necessary for patient to know what condition she has. Today, here are some tips on distinguishing endometriosis and adenomyosis from the symptoms.
The symptoms of adenomyosis are heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding, severe cramping or sharp, knife-like pelvic pain during menstruation, menstrual cramps that last throughout your period and worsen as you get older, pain during intercourse, bleeding between period, passing blood clots during period, While the symptoms of endometriosis are various too. But here I would love to introduce two typical symptoms of this condition to you guys.
Pain and irregular menstruation are two typical symptoms of endometriosis. The pain which is secondary dysmenorrhea is a typical symptom, condition worsen with lesion aggravating over time. This type pain often occurs in lower back and lumbosacral area, and even vagina, perineum and legs. However, the pain that caused by adenomyosis is not so much like the endometriosis’s. The pain commonly locates on the abdominal area. 
Irregular menses is another symptom that endometriosis has. 15%-30% of patient has heavy menstrual flow, prolonged menstrual periods, and spotting. But the endometriosis won’t bring bleeding between periods. 
Although the symptoms of the two conditions are so similar, there still are some tiny differences between them. However, the differences are so tiny and specialist can also be confused by the symptoms, let alone the ordinaries. Therefore, it is hardly for ordinary to make an accurate diagnosis and it is vital for them to take test in hospital. 
If you are unlucky and contracted one of them, proper treatment is required. Surgery, hormone therapy, western medicine like antibiotics and herbal therapy like Fuyan pill are good choice. 
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