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Caution, belly becomes bigger in short period is a sign of focal adenomyosis

Yesterday, I was shocked by a piece of news reported on China Daily. According to this report, Miss Chen who is 45-year old had a focal adenomyosis without knowing it. Although she is a little confused by the gradually extended belly at the beginning, since there were no symptoms, she took it as a sign of aging. However, as time goes by, she began to have the heavy bleeding and menstrual pain. Finally, it turned out to be focal adenomyosis after visiting hospital.
Actually, I was shocked by this reported greatly, because if I were her, I would take the same view that fat belly is a sign of aging. It is awful to know that belly becomes bigger in short period can also be a sign of focal adneomyosis. Therefore, I googled the focal adenomyosis and consulted some gynecologic experts on this condition. Now I am going to share what I know to women.
Generally speaking, the adenomyosis can bring a lot of symptoms to sufferers, but the heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding or severe cramping or sharp, knife-like pelvic pain during menstruation are the most two typical symptoms of adenomyosis.
However, there is also a type of adenomyosis which is focal type not only can bring the two symptoms to patients, but also can bring a big belly to them because the endometrial tissues can multiply with the menstrual period. Therefore, the focal adenomyosis will grow bigger and bigger if women left it untreated.
“The timely treatment on adenomyosis is important,” adds Dr. Lee from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM clinic, “As time goes by, the bigger the focal adenomyosis women have, the higher risk they have to bear.” Therefore, if you are the one who matches the symptoms I mentioned above, please take test in hospital. And if the result is focal adendomyosis, in addition to the surgery, you can also take the Fuyan pill to get a cure.
Fuyan pill is a complete formula created by Dr. Li Xiaoping. It works with the effect of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, heat-clearing and detoxifying and nourishing spleen and eliminating dampness and so on. With these effects, it can treat the disease from the root.
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