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With Adenomyosis, The Uterus Will Get Bigger And Bigger?
If one has Adenomyosis, does that mean her uterus will get bigger and bigger? Ms. Ginger from the United States is very confused. She was diagnosed with Adenomyosis five years ago. She had only dysmenorrhea and increased menstrual flow, irregular menstruation and other symptoms, but later developed into low back pain, thigh pain and pain during intercourse. In recent years, Ms. Ginger found that her uterus size has obvious signs of increase, and she has obvious pain after pressing the finger on the abdomen before and after menstruation. So, will the adenomyosis cause uterus to become bigger and bigger?
Dr. Lee from Dr.Lee Xiaoping's TCM Clinic says:
Adenomyosis is a relatively common gynecological disease caused by the invasion of the endometrium and interstitial cells of the patient into the myometrium.  These ectopically growing endometrial cells also shed and bleed with the patient's menstrual cycle, but because they are not in the uterine cavity, these detached endometrium and hemorrhage cannot be discharged from the cervix of the patient like normal menstruation, and then deposited on the cervix. A lesion is formed in the myometrium of the patient, resulting in a uniform increase in the patient's uterus.
And because the patient's uterus increases, the endometrial area in the uterine cavity will also increase, which causes symptoms such as menorrhagia, prolonged menstruation and shortened menstrual cycle.  In addition, for each period of menstrual, Adenomy patients will have a vasodilation of the myometrium, an increased amount of blood and a stimulated contraction of the uterus, causing severe dysmenorrhea. If not treated in time, the symptoms will become more and more serious as the number of menstrual cycles increases, and eventually may cause infertility.
To Sum Up:
Adenomyosis can cause uterus enlargement, hardening, dysmenorrhea (severe menstrual cramps), menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding), prolonged menstruation, painful intercourse, and even symptoms such as anemia and infertility.  
Although Adenomyosis is not life-threatening, its impact on women's physical and mental health and quality of life is very significant. Dr.Lee from Lee Xiaoping's TCM Clinic reminds the majority of Adenomyosis patients that they must pay attention to the disease and treat it.  She recommends a natural herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, pure non-artifitial formula, no side effects, can promote blood circulation, eliminate phlegm and stasis, calm pain and regulate menstruation, and it is not easy to relapse after the ultimate cure.  
At present, Lee Xiaoping's TCM Clinic has treated tens of thousands of women with Adenomyosis and the application of Chinese natural herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is the key for them to restore health.
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