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Is Hormone Therapy For Adenomyosis?
Adenomyosis - It is one of the most harmful diseases in gynecological diseases. The pain it causes to patients is very immense. Some people compare it to "undead cancer."  
At present, there are several methods for treating the disease, such as drug treatment, surgical treatment and interventional therapy. Among them, it is worth mentioning that hormone therapy for adenomyosis. Let's talk about it today.
How to use hormones to treat adenomyosis? Refer to the US National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health for the introduction of Hormonal treatments for adenomyosis 
In the treatment of adenomyosis, some scholars believe that oral contraceptives or progesterone can play a role in the control of adenomyosis, but the effect of hormone therapy on adenomyosis is still controversial. What are the hormones commonly used to treat adenomyosis?
The new antiprogestin mifepristone is a commonly used drug for the treatment of adenomyosis. Studies have shown that the cause of most adenomyosis may be related to estrogen and progesterone disorders in the body, and uterine muscles with uterine adenomyosis. 
The level of progesterone receptors in the layer tissue is significantly higher than that in normal women. Mifepristone can block endogenous progesterone through antiprogestin, so it can be used as a treatment.
The effect of using hormones to treat adenomyosis varies from person to person. In addition, in some sense, the use of estrogen-containing contraceptives is not recommended for the treatment of adenomyosis.  
The main reason is that although hormonal drugs can alleviate the symptoms, they cannot achieve the curative effect of all the symptoms, and long-term use of hormone drugs will promote Endometrial Hyperplasia, increased symptoms of irregular menstruation, may also affect liver and kidney function.
Which method is the best for treating adenomyosis?
The side effects of hormone therapy for adenomyosis are relatively large. How to treat adenomyosis is the best? Patients may choose natural herbal treatment, safe and with no side effects, comprehensive conditioning, the effect is more obvious.
The pathogenesis of adenomyosis in the TCM seems to be mainly "blood stasis", poor blood circulation, blood stasis is the main cause of the disease.  
Therefore, the corresponding natural medicine practitioners should use the functions of warming meridians, replenishing qi and nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis to regulate the function of the internal organs. Patients can orally take TCM formula Fuyan Pill to achieve the efficacy of both internal and external treatment.
Fuyan Pill is a reasonable addition and subtraction in the ancient Chinese medicine, which has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, softening and stasis, strengthening spleen and dampness, anti-proliferation, anti-fibrosis and anti-calcification, and treating adenomyosis. 
In addition to the cause of the disease, heat and detoxification combined with other effects, it can eliminate the lesions, while adjusting the internal environment of the patient, eliminating the pathological changes of the gynecological tissue, improving the body immunity of the patient, and achieving the goal of recovery.
The efficacy of hormone therapy for adenomyosis is currently controversial, but its side effects are relatively large.  
In order to reduce the harm caused by the disease to patients, patients may wish to use traditional Chinese medicine directly, oral Fu Yan Wan One course of treatment can see obvious curative effect, three courses of treatment can generally be cured, while avoiding side effects, and achieving better curative effect, the national patent medicine is worthy of patient trust.
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