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How does the Pain Occur if I have Adenomyosis?

Almost all women with adenomyosis experience pain with menses. How does the pain occur?

Because the growth of endometrial tissue into the muscular wall of the uterus, it irritates the wall and triggers spasmodic muscle contraction.

Pain with menses as the most common symptom of adenomyosis, it aggravates with time. Pain may get worse and worse every time when you get your menstrual period. Women with adenomyosis may also experience vomit and/or sweat with the pain, and these symptoms may ease when bending down or lying on bed. Painkillers are sometimes needed for patients with unbearable pain. 

A small group of adenomyosis patients have badly pain with menses since the menarche and the pain worsens with aging. Some have no such experience until they get a cesarean done, while when it’s getting colder blood clots can be seen with menstrual blood.

Except for pain with menses, very less women with adenomyosis also experience pain with sex, bulge feeling at anus, or pain with bowel movement. Anemia may develop if you experience heavy menses. The risk of secondary infections increases because of prolonged menstrual bleeding, BV, cervicitis and PID may occur.

Most women with adenomyosis have an enlarged uterus but this doesn’t occurs on all of them. Those who also have a endometrial hyperplasia would also have acne and/or chloasma because of abnormal hormone secretion. Such a condition may also occur on women at their 40s.

Surgery, painkillers, and hormone pills are often suggested by doctors if your adenomyosis is diagnosed. However these medications brings lots of side effects while treating the symptoms, what’s more, they can only treat the symptoms but not the disease. As not all adenomyosis can be fixed with surgeries, it’s not a best choice for a part of patients. 

It is not popular or common but adenomyosis can be cured with herbs. Herbal medicine for adenomyosis often treats the disease as well as treats symptoms of adenomyosis. Fuyan Pill is the very herbal medicine for adenomyosis which is often recommended by doctors as one of the alternatives. Patients who take Fuyan Pill for treating their adenomyosis would often see improvement after one month pills and the ailment is often completely cured after three to four months medication. As it’s a herbal medicine, all its ingredients come from the nature and are as safe as food, thus Fuyan Pill brings no side effect at all while treating adenomyosis.


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