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Four Major Factors That Cause Adenomyosis
Gynecological diseases are diverse, endangering the health of female friends, and adenomyosis is one of them.
About the cause of adenomyosis, presumably a lot of female friends have questions needing to be answered.
Actually, Most female friends are not very aware of this disease as well as what caused it.
Experts point out that there are many reasons for women to suffer from adenomyosis, which are as follows.

Progesterone and adenomyosis
1. Progesterone abnormality.
Progesterone is a hormone secreted by luteal cells in the ovary. Progesterone can make the fallopian tube peristalsis slow down, promote the development of the mammary gland tubule, and may lead to the proliferation of mammary gland. If female friends have abnormal progesterone, it will be easy to cause adenomyosis to some extent, so female friends should pay attention to this problem.
2. Age.
Adenomyosis usually occurs in women between the ages of 40 and 50. When they age, female ovarian function may have premature failure, and even atrophy aging, which can cause the female hormone secretion imbalance, cause the endometrial excessive hyperplasia, and then induce the occurrence of adenomyosis.
3. Abortion or childbirth surgery.
Many women undergo gynecological surgeries, such as childbirth or abortion. Due to the improper operation in uterine surgery, endometriosis may occur, thus leading to adenomyosis. So before doing surgery, you should choose regular hospitals and professional doctors.
4. Reproductive blocking.
Due to congenital factors, or acquired diseases, female friends may suffer from genital tract obstruction, resulting in menstrual blood being stuck, thus causing women to have adenomyosis. Commonly, blocked fallopian tubes, one of the common obstructions in female reproductive system, can lead to female infertility, so it is necessary to solve this tubal condition in time, to avoid unwanted problems.

In clinical practice, symptoms such as dysmenorrhea and heavy menstrual flow caused by adenomyosis are usually severe, so females tend to consider surgery as their first treatment. While you can also try a more safer way, which is the natural medicine treatment.
Commonly, the specific method should be planned based on the patient's situation. It is usually suggested that female patients can choose the traditional Chinese herbal medicine named Fuyan Pill to get a complete cure, particularly those with urgent fertility needs.
The Fuyan Pill manages to clear away heat and toxin, promote blood circulation and qi, strengthen the body resistance and so on. It can effectively wipe out the virus infection, make menstruation normal, amend endometrial trauma, deal with adenomyosis from various aspects, and enhance the female pregnancy rate. It has no side effects, so more and more females with adenomyosis are prone to this medicine these years.

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