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Can traditional Chinese herbal medicine treat adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis or adenomyoma of uterus is caused by the tissues of endometrium growing into muscle of womb. Adenomyosis in some women have no symptoms. But if they have symptoms, one of the most common symptoms is adenomyosis pain. The pain in low abdomen, waist and sacrum during or after menstrual period sometimes spread to fundament, perineum and vagina. Adenomyosis often occurs after delivery and abortion. And also they would suffer from excessive menstrual blood and long menstrual period that lead by adenomyosis.
As surgery would bring great harm to patients and the recurrence rate is very high. While antibiotics would always cause drug resistances and side effects that patients couldn't bear. They begin to seek for more suitable treatment for curing adenomyosis. And with the popularity of traditional Chinese medicines, more and more patients are trying to use traditional Chinese medicine to treat adenomyosis. However, there are still some women who are wondering whether TCM is effective on curing this disease.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient and sophisticated system of healing.  TCM has its own theory of how the different systems of the body are interrelated.  This theory allows different patterns of dysfunction to be identified and treated accordingly using acupuncture, herbal medicine or other means such as personalized dietary changes.
By analyzing the causes and symptoms of adenomyosis, the symptoms of adenomyosis are always excessive menstrual blood and long menstrual period. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the symptoms of excessive menstrual blood and long menstrual period are because of congestion blockage. So the medicines to stop bleeding and dissolve stasis in Fuyan Pill can help regulate menstruation. 
Main causes of adenomyosis are would in uterine wall when delivery and chronic endometritis. It indicates that the occurrence of adenomyosis is affected by infection. Medicines in Fuyan Pill to clear away heat and toxic material can resist infection and make mycoplasma and chlamydia test negative to cure adenomyosis.
Lots of ademonyosis patients also have a mycoplasma or chlamydia infection. And the traditional Chinese herbal medicine Fuyan Pill has the functions on killing bacteria and resisting infection. Medicines in the recipe of Fuyan Pill that can clear away heat and toxic material, promote blood circulation and Qi, can dissolve stasis, regulate menstruation. That's why Fuyan Pill can eliminate symptoms and cure adenomyosis effectively.
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