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Be careful, 5 Tremendous damage of Adenomyosis for females
Adenomyosis is a common nonneoplastic gynecologic disease characterized by the presence of ectopic endometrium within the myometrium. Adenomyosis may affect the urine myometrium diffusely and result in a diffusely enlarged uterus, or it may be localized as an adenomyoma.

Adenomyosis can cause tremendous damage for females in their daily life. For example:
1.      Painful periods
One of the clinical symptoms for Adenomyosis is progressive dysmenorrheal. Patients with Adenomyosis will complain that there’s no pain during menstrual period firstly, but she may feel pain in a certain period, before, during or after periods. One should have rest on bed or have some pain relievers if the pain is severe. Even worse, the pain is so severe that one may roll on bed or bump her head.
2.      Irregular menstrual period
Adenomyosis can also cause irregular menstrual period like shortened menstrual period and heavy blood. It reflects that there are problems with the ovaries.
3.      Pain during sex
It will cause pain during sex when ectopic endometrial nodules, rectum concave nodules or adhesion exist in the vaginal vault, or ovaries adhesion appears in the pelvic floor.
4.      Ectopic pregnancy
Ectopic endometrium can cause pelvic adhesion and blocked fallopian tubes. The fertilized egg can only grow in local area, so Adenomyosis increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy.
5.      Periodic bladder irritation
When the lesions of Adenomyosis enter into the bladder peritoneal fold or infringement of the bladder muscle layer, the symptoms of urinary frequency and urgency will appear. If the lesions infringed bladder mucosa, the symptoms of blood in urine and painful urination will exist in patients.
Thus, how to prevent Adenomyosis in our daily life? Some suggestions are listed below:
1.      Pay attention to keep warmth and avoid sexual life during periods. Meanwhile, avoid any vigorous exercises and heavy labor during periods.
2.      Have abortion or curettage as little as possible to prevent the deciduous endometrium from growing on the damaged surgical wounds. One should do some exercises as early as possible after delivery to prevent retroposition of uterus.
3.      Extend the lactation have certain effect on preventing endometriosis. Pregnancy is one of the best ways to prevent recurrence of Adenomyosis for those patients with this disease.
4.      Try to adjust your own emotion and keep to be optimistic because Adenomyosis is also associated with hormone.
If one suffers Adenomyosis unfortunately, one should get suitable treatment, such as some antibiotics under the suggestion of doctors or Chinese herbal medicine is also an alternative option, such as Fuyan Pill which is made of natural herbs with no side effects. With the suggestions below, hope each female can be far away from Adenomyosis.

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