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How to Judge Oligospermia? Know Five Ways to Treat It!
Oligospermia is the inability to conceive due to the low sperm count under normal circumstances without any contraceptive measures. This condition is one of the reasons for the emergence of infertility. So, how to judge whether men are suffering from oligospermia?

Judgement of oligospermia.

1. Oligospermia can be diagnosed according to examination and treatment. All judgment criteria are the collection time and method of a patient's semen examination results, whether it is treated, how effective, and other actual conditions. 
A detailed understanding of the past medical history is needed to check whether patients have had gonorrhea, mumps, tuberculosis, epididymitis, prostatitis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, or spinal cord injury. It can be also be diagnosed from whether there is dysuria, diabetes or hypothyroidism, etc.
2. At the time of diagnosis, check whether there is a family genetic disease, whether there are patients with infertility, hermaphroditism, congenital disease, tuberculosis, etc., in the family.
3. According to the diagnosis of occupation and type of work, the doctor can understand whether there is exposure to toxic substances. For example, lead, mercury, phosphorus, radiation, etc., are all harmful to the body. Besides, high-temperature work, exposure time, protective measures, nutritional status, and bad habits should be considered.
4. Oligospermia can be diagnosed according to marriage and sexual life observation, including attitudes towards sex and sex frequency. Oligospermia can be analyzed from whether there is no sperm, impotence, premature ejaculation, masturbation habits before marriage, whether sexual life is coordinated, etc., length of the wedding, and whether contraceptive measures have been taken.

It is crucial to judge oligospermia correctly, and patients must treat it in time. So, how is oligospermia treated?
1. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.
Under normal circumstances, the earlier oligospermia is detected, the milder the condition will be, and the more options for treatment. At the same time, the earlier the treatment, the easier the primary disease that causes oligospermia to be effectively controlled and treated, and the fewer complications. Therefore, it will significantly reduce the difficulty of treatment and reduce the cost of treatment accordingly.
2. Choose a professional hospital.
Many patients lack adequate understanding of oligospermia or are affected by factors such as treatment costs and are easily misled in the process of seeking medical treatment. In the end, instead of curing the disease in time, they take detours and waste money.
3. Choose the appropriate therapy.
The treatment method will directly affect the treatment effect of the disease. There are many pathogenic factors for oligospermia. Only proper treatment can ensure the treatment effect and cure oligospermia in the shortest time, thereby saving unnecessary medical expenses.
For oligospermia, men can choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with natural raw materials that are harmless. It can effectively treat oligospermia and increase the chance of natural pregnancy. Compared with surgical treatment, there are no complications and sequelae.
4. Symptomatic treatment
Those with a clear cause should be treated for the reason. For example, varicocele and cryptorchidism can be treated with surgery. Genital tract infections should be treated with anti-infection. 
People with autoimmune production of anti-sperm antibodies can try immunosuppressants such as adrenal glucocorticoid drugs and effective Dosage vitamin C treatment. For oligospermia caused by exogenous factors, these exogenous factors can be removed. With the removal of the primary disease and foreign elements, sperm will increase, achieving satisfactory results.
5. Chemical medicine.
Idiopathic oligospermia of unknown etiology can be treated with testosterone or synthetic testosterone derivatives, such as propionate, fluoxymesterone, etc. 5-hydroxytryptamine antagonist Metergoline also has a specific effect in treating oligospermia. In addition, patients can try glucocorticoids, clomiphene, Tamoxifen, HCG, HMG, and other drugs.
Treatment costs and false medical information often mislead many patients during medical treatment. Experts say that the treatment of oligospermia should focus on ensuring the treatment effect and should not be affected by the treatment cost when choosing a diagnosis and treatment hospital and treatment method. Suppose you blindly pursue the minimum treatment costs. In that case, you are likely to misunderstand treatment, which will waste money and increase the damage to the body from the disease.
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