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How Does Chlamydia Cause Infertility in Women?
Chlamydia is a genus of prokaryotic organisms. Chlamydia trachomatis, one of the the most common causative agents, can invade human genital organs, causing disease to women. Generally speaking, both women and men can affect this disease, but because women’s vagina is close to anus, so most of victims of this disease are women. 
Women with this disease may have to face infertility when chlamydia spreads to reproductive organs. This genus not only can spread to uterus, but also can spread to fallopian tubes and so on. For some patients suffering from Chlamydia infection, infections of positive Chlamydia are not with apparent symptoms or even without any manifestation at all, however, which would spread to much more tissues or organs and infect them unconsciously.
Why this disease causes infertility to women?
As is known, chlamydia can spread to fallopian tube which is a Bridge for uterus and ovary. When chlamydia spreads into fallopian tubes, this genus will irritate tubes and make them discharge a lot of hydrops to block themselves. Thus, sperm cannot pass thought tubes and meet with egg. Sometimes, even the tubes are not blocked totally and allow sperm to pass, but the fertilized egg is larger than sperm, so it has to implant in tubes, because it cannot pass through the hole. 
The most common organ that Chlamydia usually infects is cervix of the female through which it might infect fetus vertically and then induce abortion. And if Chlamydia infection spreads further, it also might cause salpingitis and adnexitis and therefore straightly do harm to the function of fertility, which fundamentally results in infertility. 
Chlamydia infection usually brings no symptoms to women, so if you want to prevent this disease, it is better for you to take annual tests in hospital. What’s more, once you affect this disease, please receive treatment as soon as possible and it is easy to be cured by antibiotic.
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