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Chlamydia infection threatens womens health

Chlamydia is a silent assassin to our health. When human body is infected with chlamydia, there may hardly be any symptom for several months or even a year. However, it never stops jeopardizing women’s reproductive organs. In the infant stage, chlamydia infection happens at the cervix, and then it extends to the womb, oviduct and ovaries. Without proper treatment, it will cause serious pelvic inflammation, which will result to salpingemphraxis sterility.
Another hazard of pelvic inflammation is that it may lead to ectopic pregnancy. When oviduct is blocked, the zygote cannot reach the womb, so it has to be planted in the oviduct to grow and develop. However, ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous to women and immediate treatment is needed. Moreover, chlamydia infection is a threat to both the gravida and fetus. On the one hand, gravidae who are infected with chlamydia miscarry easily. On the other hand, in the process of delivery, the baby may be infected with chlamydia. In this case, the baby may get conjunctivitis and pulmonitis.
Anyone who has sexual life is possible to be infected with chlamydia. As a common sex-transmitted disease, people of all ages can be infected. If you have more than one sex partners, or you have new sex partner during the past 3-6 months, or you have unprotected sex, then you are more likely to be infected with chlamydia. People who had other sex-transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and herpes progenitalis in the past are apt to be infected with chlamydia as well. All these mentioned above make chlamydia infection very common. Chlamydia not only transmits via vaginal sex, but also via anal sex.
Women who are infected with chlamydia have yellow vaginal discharge or blood coming out their vagina before the menstrual period comes. If the symptom is severe, they pee frequently and even feel it is scorching and painful when peeing. Other symptoms like prolonged menstrual period, more menses and more painful than usual are also caused by chlamydia infection.
Chlamydia infection can be easily cured by antibiotics. Tetracycline and Doxycycline are commonly applied. However, Gravidas and other people who are allergic to other medicines often take erythrocin. It is extremely important for patients to take medicine as doctors prescribed. And you should go to the hospital to re-examine your body to see if you are completely healed. But the key to get totally cured is to ask your sex partner to receive treatment simultaneously to avoid cross-infection. DO bear this in mind: chlamydia infection is a kind of dangerous disease that you can hardly notice but should always be alert to.

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