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Will kissing Cause Chlamydia Infection?

Both chlamydia and mycoplasma are prokaryotic cell-type microorganisms, and they are both between bacteria and viruses. The most common cause of chlamydia is Chlamydia trachomatis. And the other is chlamydia venereal, which can cause genitourinary tract infections and gonorrhea. Mycoplasma has symbiosis with humans, but it is also a very small number of pathogens. Mycoplasma pneumonia and reproductive tract infections are common, and it is also listed as the pathogen of sexually transmitted diseases.
Reasonable disease prevention is essential. If you want to prevent chlamydia infection effectively, you must know the transmission mode of chlamydia infection. 

Will kissing cause chlamydia infection?
It is understood that chlamydia infection is generally not spread through kissing, because the main way of infection is sexual contact. However, if the patient's chlamydia infection is in the throat and symptoms of chlamydia infection have already appeared, it will be easy to cause chlamydia infection during kissing. What are the other transmission routes of chlamydia infection?
The transmission routes of chlamydia infection.
1. Indirect contact transmission:
This is an important way of transmission of chlamydia infection. When you contact with towels, clothing, baths, toilets, etc., used by patients with chlamydia infection, you will also be infected. Chlamydia can also be transmitted through droplets, respiratory tract or sexually transmitted, so kissing can also transmit these two kinds of bacteria and get infection. Isolation measures should be taken to prevent infection, and carriers should be actively treated.
2. Direct infection, also called sexual contagion.
This is the main way of transmission of chlamydia infection, mostly through unclean sex. Chlamydia infection is basically transmitted through this route. This mode of transmission is fast and has a high infection rate. It is recommended to treat in time. Female chlamydia infections can be combined with Li Xiaoping's Chinese Medicine Fuyan Pills during conditioning. And male chlamydia infections can try Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is effective to epididymitis with chlamydia. 
3. Low autoimmunity:
When the patients have low immunity, they can be infected. And they can also be infected if they contact with the secretions of mycoplasma chlamydia-infected patients or contaminated utensils, towels, clothes quilts stained with secretions, and even toilet seats.
4. Trauma infection:
Mycoplasma chlamydia can invade the body through small rupture wounds on the skin or mucous membranes. After a few days of incubation, the bacteria will multiply to a sufficient number and begin to develop. Therefore, fracture wounds should be treated with caution.
5. Fertility:
Pregnant women suffer from Chlamydia trachomatis infection. Newborns can be infected with Chlamydia trachomatis during vaginal delivery, conjunctivitis and chlamydia pneumonia. It is also easy to cause acute urethral syndrome (urgency, frequent urination, painful urination, sterile urine) and bartholinitis.
Therefore, kissing can cause chlamydia infection through indirect transmission. Chlamydia infection, if left untreated, can cause inflammation of the endometrium or fallopian tube to women and urethritis, epididymitis to men. Once the relevant symptoms appear, the cause of the disease is found, and treatment is the guarantee of recovery. Everyone should be more vigilant in normal life. If there is any abnormality in the body, it is necessary to go to the hospital for a formal and comprehensive examination and timely treatment. Don't delay.
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