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Could chlamydia destroy the body's own cancer defense ability ?
Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It is caused by bacteria that are usually spread through sexual contact. This infection is easily spread, because it often causes no symptoms. It could unknowingly pass to sexual partnersit. In fact, about 75% of infections in women and 50% in men are without symptoms. Recently research found that chlamydia prevents programmed cell death and thereby favors the process of cancer development, by breaking down the cancer-suppressing protein p53. That’s to say chlamydia is related with body’s own canner defense ability.
Chlamydia is not only a common cause of female infertility; it is also suspected of increasing the risk of abdominal cancer. The bacterium activates the destruction of p53 protein, and blocks a key protective mechanism of infected cells, then the initiation of programmed cell death. In many forms of cancer protective function of p53 is also impaired. The new insights underpin the suspected relationship between chlamydial infection and the occurrence of certain types of cancers.
Every cell in our body could make almost hundreds of mutations occur every day. The protein p53 is then activated in order to limit these changes in the genome: either the cell repairs the damaged DNA or, if that is not possible, it triggers the cellular suicide program. Cells are normally protected against the development of cancer in this way. Chlamydia may play a role in this disease as well. Degradation of p53 is also observed in infections with human papillomavirus, the cause of cervical cancer.  However, they penetrate much deeper into the genital tract and can cause inflammation of the fallopian tubes, where they often reside unnoticed for a long time. Ovarian cancer, which is one of the deadliest cancers in women, now also believed to originate within the Chlamydia. The impact of Chlamydia on p53 plays an important part in the complex puzzle of cancer development.
Since Chlamydia could both affect women’s infertility and destroy body’s cancer defense ability, you shouldn’t ignore it. To get the treatment immediately is the best solution for chlamydia. Today an herbal medicine, fuyan pill has been used widely in treating chlamydia. It has been proven effective to many people. The herbs in this pill could eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria, clear heat, and promote the blood circulation. Thus this pill could cure chlamydia completely.

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