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How to identify symptoms of chlamydia in women?
Chlamydia is led by the bacterium; it is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Chlamydia usually can do great harm to women's reproductive organs, eyes, throat and lungs at the same time. If you can't identify it immediately and miss the in time treatment, chlamydia would cause infertility in the end.
However, in over than 75% of chlamydia cases, there would be no symptom. Many people find they have chlamydia, only when the complications have already occurred. So it is really very important for women to realize that they have chlamydia in time. Only recognize chlamydia when it occur, could women get the promptly treatment.
Symptoms of chlamydia in women could be identified from three fields.
First, from genital region
Pay attention to the changes of your vaginal discharge. Usual normal vaginal discharge has no color or smell. So when you notice that your discharge is abnormal, such as, having different unpleasant smell, or with a darker color you have bloody discharge during periods. These could be signs of chlamydia, when you have above changes of your vaginal discharge; you'd better go to check immediately. Or you could consult online doctors, like Dr Lee Xaioping for professional online help.
Second, from the pain or bleeding during your intercourse
If you suffer from serve pain or discomfort during sex, or when you see bleeding during sex, it could also possible an indication of chlamydia. For one of the most typical symptoms of chlamydia in women is pain or bleeding during sex. In this situation, you should also get testes as soon as possible.
Third, Notify bodily symptoms of chlamydia
A If you have bothered by lower back, abdominal, or pelvic pain, or suffered from higher back pain similar to kidney tenderness for several days, it maybe mean that your chlamydia has spread from cervix to the fallopian tubes. You need to get the treatment immediately.
Above are all common symptoms of chlamydia in women, so once you have any of them, you should go to the hospital to do some relative tests. And if you are confirmed that your symptoms are led by chlamydia, don't worry, it is curable. From recent clinic cases, chlamydia could be cured by herbal medicine fuyan pill with low reoccur. And the ingredients in fuyan pill are from natural, they have no side effect at all. It brings no damage to kidneys or liver while treating the infection, as a result, traditional Chinese medicine fuyan pill can be the most appropriate alternatives for chlamydia infection. 
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