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Will Chlamydia Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
Chlamydia infection is mainly transmitted through sexual contact, and there is chlamydia in the body of healthy people. However, these people are more likely to be infected. For example, people with sexual dysfunction, homosexuals, and sex workers, people with more sexual partners, and frequent sex will have a greater risk of being infected.

After chlamydia invades your body, most people do not have any clinical symptoms or discomfort, so how does chlamydia cause sexual dysfunction?
Psychologically speaking, the occurrence and recurrence of Chlamydia infection will cause the patients' overburden, and psychological disorders such as fear of carcinogenesis, fear of infection to sexual partners, avoidance of sex with sexual partners, unwillingness to communicate with the opposite sex, resulting in sexual dysfunction, affecting harmony in the family, and even leading to depression.
The harm of Chlamydia infection virus may also cause Chlamydia infection proctitis and aseptic meningitis, spinal cord radiculopathy, bladder dysfunction, and erectile dysfunction.

When chlamydia invades the urethra mucosa, it will cause prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis, orchitis, cystitis, and so on if it propagates and destroys the adjacent normal tissue structure. The biggest characteristic is that it can easily develop into the chronic type and also lead to sexual dysfunction.

It is suggested to seek medical treatment in time for adverse reactions and develop a healthy lifestyle at the same time. Early detection and early treatment can avoid serious consequences. 
In modern medicine, chlamydia infection is commonly treated by antibiotics. Although it can achieve a quick effect, temporarily control the condition, due to drug resistance and side effects, it is also easy to lead to recurrent chlamydia in patients.

However, TCM pays attention to systematic treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is not enough to treat Chlamydia infection only by the effect of drug sterilization and anti-inflammation, but also requires the effect of changing the living environment of chlamydia, so as to fundamentally remove the focus and prevent a recurrence, and Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice.
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