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Does it Mean You're Cured if You Got a Negative Chlamydia Test Result?

Some patients believe that once they get a negative result of chlamydia test, their infection is already cured and they don’t need to take pills any more. Is this the right thing to do?

Symptoms of chlamydia infection in men often develop after 7 to 28 days after getting infected. Most common symptoms include slight pain with urination, urinary tract discomfort, and penile discharge. The discharge is always not very severe and is obvious in the morning. Some may have a red penis opening. A small group patient have very severe symptoms, they may experience from pain with urination, urgent need of urination, and massive discharge.

Women who’re infected with chlamydia even may have discharge, pain with urination, frequently need of urination, pelvic pain, pain with sex, mostly they stay asymptomatic.

To confirm that chlamydia infection is completely cured, there should be 3 times negative test result with all the symptoms cleared up. Generally first test should be taken after 7 days you finish the treatment. Then one month and three months later you should test twice for make sure that the infection is completely gone. If you got three negative result and all symptoms are gone, you were completely cured. One single negative result cannot indicate you’re absolutely cured.


Some patients get tested soon after they finish the medication, and they believe they’re cured once they get a negative result. However symptoms recur soon after that. This is because the medicine is affecting the result. As a result it is suggested to take first test after 7 days after you finish the pills. To test for the second and third time is to rule out the possibility that other factors are affecting previous results.

You may be resistant to antibiotics if unfortunatelly your chlamydia recurred, so we often suggest patients to take herbal medicines such as fuyan pill to cure recurrent chlamydia infection because the natural herbs can work effectively and you'll never be resistant to them.


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