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Charlotte Crosby appeal the public to have safe sex to aviod chlamydia by sharing her own story

Chlamydia is one of the most common STDs, which would affect hundreds of thousands individuals all over the world. And the number of its sufferers is increasing every year. Moreover, not only the common people suffer a lot from it, but even the starts couldn't escape from it. Although there are many starts who has infected with chlamydia, seldom of them would admit it. For this would needs great courage to admit their gloomy aspect to the public.
Recently, the super star Charlotte Crosby admitted that she had chlamydia in her published new book. She said in this book that catching chlamydia is embarrassing; it was really a gloomy memory for her. And she also appealed the public to have safe sex to avoid chlamydia through her own experience.
She shared many her past life stories and her own experiences in this new book. Charlotte picked out the moment she revealed she'd caught chlamydia as her red-faced moment. She said" The period that i caught with chlamydia was really too shy to speak out. The other day, someone was making a big deal out of it, and I was like, it wasn't actually a big deal, it only happened once and I got checked out and everything. But now i feel like i am appealing the public to have safe sex." She did however admit she had to take parts out after reading it back, realizing she'd been tad too honest.
From Charlotte Crosby's own story, we could know that, chlamydia is really common to see, especially for these who are always indulged themselves with sexual activities. To avoid being hurt by it, we should really pay attention to sexual life, and try to have safe sex to prevent it. Below are the tips for you that you could follow to keep away from chlamydia.
1Take masturbation replaces sexual intercourse. Masturbation can stop the body secretion exchanging. Thus, it is a good way to make you keep away from Chlamydia infection.
2 Limit you sexual partners. The more partners you have, the higher incidence you can get.
3 If you cannot limit your partners, you can use condom to reduce the incidence of infection.
4 Take treatments with your partner. Many people who have Chlamydia infection are without any symptoms, so they can transmit the bacteria for their partners without any awareness.
Regarding to the treatments for chlamydia, antibiotics are usually the first choice for people. Although antibiotics would kill bacteria in a short time, it would bring many side effects and drug resistances at the same time. Fortunately, after many years efforts of traditional Chinese doctors, there are herbal medicine which have the same functions with antibiotics, but do not have the side effects or drug resistances as they do. They are diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to cure chlamydia in males and fuyan pill for females.
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