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How to Judge Whether the Endometrial Thickness is Within Normal Range
Endometrial thickness alternately changes with the change of the menstrual cycle. After the first menstruation, endometrium begin to grow. In the follicular phase, endometrial thickness would be between 0.3cm to 0.8cm and in the luteal phase, endometrium generally is about 1 cm to 1.5 cm thick, if during the medium-term in menstruation after menstruation, endometrium would be in more than 1 cm thickness, then you’ll need diagnosis and immediate treatment.
Reasons behind the disease and the harm if patients don’t get correct treatments
Abnormal menstruation, hormonal disorders, gynecologic inflammation, the stimulation of certain drugs can all cause the endometrial thickening disease. And without correct treatments, it will lead to the arising of gynecological inflammation in other reproductive tissues, pain during sex, severe menstrual cramps and even the possibility for childbearing-age female to be unable to conceive naturally. 
endometrial thickening disease

Some patients thus try to change and adopt good living habits, exercise properly, enhance physical fitness and devote to weight loss because they think obesity could affect the ovarian function.
The severe consequences make us alert to have correct treatments. So we will list down the current available approaches, their advantages and disadvantages.
Taking hormone is one way, but there are side effects such as obesity, gastrointestinal dysfunctions and mental depression. And that’s the cure for it.
Abnormal menstruation

Uterine curettage is normally taken in severe situation and for patients who do not have birth projects. As this method can severely cause females inability to conceive and most hospitals would not use this measure in all cases due to the damaging fact and high risk.
Then to cure this disease, Wuhan Dr.Lee TCM Clinic developed a new type of medicine Fuyan Pill, using natural herbs to reduce endometrial thickness by clearing heat, promoting blood circulation, eliminating inflammation and detoxifcation. It is effective also for treating other gynecological diseases. That’s how Fuyan Pill gains popularity worldwide adn won the affirmation among patients.   
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