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Which Home Remedies Are Useful for Reducing Endometrial Thickness?
When there is estrogen stimulation to lining of the uterus, the endometrium would grow thick. For a pre-menopausal female, when the estrogen levels rise during the menstrual cycle, the endometrium would go thick, and then sheds at the times of menses.

The endometrial thickness nearly make no difference every month, because the cycle of rising and falling estrogen levels won't change greatly every month.
The thickening is always reflecting ongoing estrogen stimulation. If there is an abnormal thickened endometrium in a postmenopausal female usually, it needs further check to see if it is caused by endometrial cancer.

The usual symptom of endometrial thickening is heavy bleeding during menstrual period. Menstrual bleeding may persist for many days. Pain in pelvis and abdomen may be associated with endometrial thickening.
If you find you Endometrial are getting thickness, you should pay attention to it. And to avoid the harmful result of it, you should try some remedies to relieve it. Below are some useful home remedies for reducing endometrial thickness.
Ice Bag
Ice bag is a useful home remedy that is helpful for endometrial thickness. Put some cubes of ice in an ice bag. Put the bag of ice near pelvic area for about fifteen minutes. This way could relieve the intense pain caused by endometrial thickness.
Castor Oil
Put castor oil on abdomen and pelvic area. Massage in a circular motion for ten minutes. Then put a heat pad on the massaged area. If you don't have heat pad you could replace it with heat a thick, folded cloth on a griddle and place on abdomen. Don't try this way when you are having your period. In this way, the pain could be alleviated by muscles relax automatically.

Clay Packs
Apply a thick layer of clay paste, made with clay and water on the lower abdomen. See that the application of the paste is at least half an inch thick. Cover with a dry cotton cloth and leave the paste to dry. Keep the pack for at least one hour. It could help your body get rid of endometrial thickness.
Fish Oil
Fish Oil could do many benefits to our body; it is widely used to cure the disorder of body. The omega-3 fatty acids that in fish oil can prevent the endometrial cells from growing. Take one teaspoon of fish oil could keep you away from endometrial thickness.
Goldenseal could do great help to our body, as it has the function of anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and astringent properties. It is also full of vitamins and minerals and contains traces of essential oil and fatty oil. Its astringent quality is of great help in excessive menstruation. It relieves the pain and stomach cramps and prevents endometrial thickness.

These home remedies are useful for reducing endometrial thickness; however, they couldn't cure it. To cure endometrial thickness and clear up all symptoms caused by it, you'd better take some effective medicines, such as herbal therapy "Fuyan Pill", which has shown effective effects on treating endometrial thickness.

It could help patients get rid of endometrial thickness completely without reoccur. This herbal therapy is good solution fir endometrial thickness suffers. You could try "fuyan pill" combine with above home remedies.

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