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After surgery for patients with endometriosis, the factors that affect pregnancy are mainly corrected and treated. Such as removal of endometriosis lesions, removal of adhesions, decomposition of the uterus and rectum, adhesions between the...[read article]

Endometriosis is a disease that mainly occurs in adult women. Among them, women of childbearing age have the highest incidence. Patients will have symptoms such as irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea. After the onset of the disease can...[read article]

Endometriosis is the most common chronic disease in gynecology. The recurrence rate is as high as 40-50%, even exceeding the cancer recurrence rate. It cannot be entirely cured by a specific type of treatment and requires long-term comprehen...[read article]

Endometriosis is one of the causes of ectopic pregnancy, according to clinical practices. Endometriosis caused by various reasons such as the reflux of menstrual blood is often seen as a high risk factor for the breakout of ectopic pregnancy...[read article]

Many female patients have suffered from endometriosis in their lives because it is a very painful disease that brings enormous pressure to women both physically and psychologically. Not only can it cause pain that is unbearable, but it also ...[read article]

Many gynecological diseases can have a certain impact on menstruation, such as endometriosis. Simply put, endometriosis is a condition in which tissue that normally grows in the lining of the uterine wall grows in other places. ...[read article]

Endometriosis is a common disease in females. At present, drug treatment and surgical treatment are the main means of handling endometriosis. According to the different clinical manifestations of the disease and the characteristics of the pa...[read article]

Experts analyzed that the female beautiful gene often increases its risk of disease. And thin women with perfect body shape tend to have higher levels of oestrogen, which plays an important role in promoting the development of endometriosis....[read article]

When the female is in the menstruation, endometrial gland epithelium and interstitial cell can follow the flow of menstrual blood, then enter the pelvic cavity via fallopian tubes, which can be planted at the ovaries and adjacent pelvic cavi...[read article]

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has released guidelines aimed to raise awareness amongst healthcare professionals about delayed diagnosis being a significant problem for women who have endometriosis. The new gui...[read article]

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