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Can Endometriosis Cause Miscarriage or Infertility?

Can endometriosis cause miscarriage or infertility? This is a question most that patients who have endometriosis may care about. Specialist Lee explains that endometriosis is widely found in a lot of women, but to some of them, it cause no influence to their health. There is no symptom, so in this situation, the disease can be left alone. However, endometriosis which happens in pelvis, fallopian tubes, uterus and ovary can be the connection for miscarriage and infertility.

Endometriosis brings a lot of disservices, if the endometrial grows in the ovarian, then ovarian cysts is easily induced. In this case, ovarian function can be threatened, the ovarian can't produce eggs, which is prone to cause infertility. Meanwhile, damage can be discovered in the organs where endometrial grows. In fact, some women with endometriosis can be pregnant, but miscarriage is still likely to occur. Therefore, the problem why endometriosis can cause miscarriage and infertility confused many people. Normally, endometrial grows in the intrauterine. So, growth in any other place can be recognized as the embodiment of the disease. If it grows in myometrium, some substance called endometrial antibodies can be generated, which opens the door for infertility. And unfortunately, some women can not be pregnant any more after the first miscarriage.
So, it can be concluded that women will have difficulty in pregnancy after they had miscarriage. Chances are that pregnant women who had this disease, as we could imagine, prevented miscarriage urgently. As a matter of fact, if their disease can not be cured, any approach to prevent the miscarriage is in vain. Only the suffers go to the doctor as soon as possible can their uterus keep a good state of health , and can they have a healthy baby.

Complicate as endometriosis is, and which is a main reason for infertility, many patients can be pregnant if proper treatment is given. Besides, pregnancy can do good to treatment for endometriosis. In summary, women should not ignore the harm caused by endometriosis, because it is probable to lead to infertility. Once suffering this illness, patients should receive timely treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine fuyan pill is a good choice. Wish all patients soon recover!

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