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How to Effectively Prevent Recurrence of Endometriosis?
Can endometriosis be cured?
Endometriosis is the most common chronic disease in gynecology. The recurrence rate is as high as 40-50%, even exceeding the cancer recurrence rate. It cannot be entirely cured by a specific type of treatment and requires long-term comprehensive management and treatment.

How is endometriosis treated?
1. Medication

Patients with endometriosis can be treated with conservative herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. Fuyan Pill is taken from nature, with no side effects and harm to the liver and kidneys, so patients can confidently take them. 
In addition, the Fuyan Pill formula of activating blood and removing blood stasis drugs and removing blood stasis and dissipating stasis drugs can effectively eliminate ectopic lesions. Coupled with the anti-proliferative and anti-fibrotic effects of Fuyan Pill, it can effectively inhibit the proliferation of residual lesions and prevent a postoperative recurrence. It can also be used as an adjuvant medication after surgery.
2. Surgical treatment
Radical surgery is to remove all the ovaries and uterus on both sides. It is extremely cruel to young and unborn women. The complications and sequelae caused will cause specific physical and mental pain, and menopausal syndrome will occur after the operation. 
Conservative surgery involves local excision, stripping, and removal of the lesion. However, due to the heavy adhesion of the disease, the process is often incomplete. For example, the ectopic lesions that have been ectopic to the sacral ligament or invaded into the rectum have a high recurrence rate after electrocautery.
3. Radiation therapy

The role of radiotherapy for endometriosis is to destroy the ovarian tissue, thereby eliminating the influence of ovarian hormones and shrinking the ectopic endometrium to achieve treatment. The effect of radiation on the ectopic endometrium is not apparent. Still, it is also very effective for patients who cannot tolerate hormone therapy and are located in the intestine, urinary tract, and extensive pelvic adhesions, especially with serious diseases such as heart, lung, or kidney. 
Individual patients who are afraid of surgery can also use external radiotherapy to destroy ovarian function and achieve treatment. Even for individual patients receiving radiotherapy, the diagnosis must be made first, especially if malignant ovarian tumors should not be misdiagnosed as endometrial cysts, and the wrong treatment may delay correct treatment.
How to prevent recurrence of endometriosis
1. Keep warm
Patients with endometriosis are weaker after surgery and are vulnerable to wind and cold. Patients with endometriosis must pay attention to cold and warmth after surgery if the severe cold is likely to cause some sequelae, such as dysmenorrhea.
2. Regulate emotion

During the menstrual period after endometriosis, you should pay attention to controlling your emotions. Don't get angry quickly, and don't be affected by the external environment and life factors. Otherwise, it is easy to cause endocrine disorders and affect the normal menstrual cycle.
3. Less abortion

After endometriosis, reduce abortion and strictly implement the birth plan. It can effectively prevent the endometrium from being damaged again to avoid uterine infection and even infertility.
4. Sexual life is prohibited
Sexual life should be forbidden within three months after endometriosis, especially during menstrual intercourse. It is easy to cause intrauterine infection. At the same time, sexual life will cause the uterus to contract naturally. If endometriosis is operated on immediately after surgery, Sexual life may lead to endometriosis recurrence and even cause infertility.
5. Avoid overwork
After endometriosis, you must pay attention to avoid overwork, not engage in high-intensity physical activity or sports, and prevent hypertension in the uterine cavity. Once the tension in the cyst cavity suddenly rises, the cyst wall ruptures, and an acute abdomen is formed.
6. Attention to diet

An endometriosis diet should avoid all cold foods. Before and after menstruation, women should eat hot soups and vegetables, and raw and cold foods are contraindicated. In addition, do not eat meat that is too fat. Cereals, beans, and potatoes are stapled foods, all of which can be eaten.
7. Medication and review
After endometriosis, take medication on time. The doctor will take medication for the condition after the operation to consolidate the treatment effect. Therefore, the drug must not be stopped, but also remember the postoperative review.
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