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Dysmenorrhea may Indicate Endometriosis
Quite a lot of women can't bear the abdominal pain in the menstrual period, so many of them would choose to take painkillers at once. However, the pain is not only the symptom of dysmenorrhea, but also the signs of a lot of possible illness.

If the duration lasts from two days to the entire menstrual period, or some severe patients have symptoms when not in the menstrual period, accompanied by varying degrees of pain during sex, it should be highly suspected endometriosis.
Dysmenorrhea is tormenting women's physical and mental health, what should be done to prevent dysmenorrhea? And can it lead to any diseases?

Dysmenorrhea is the first symptom of endometriosis, and its characteristic is secondary, progressively increasing. Beginning 1 or 2 days before the menstrual period, the pain is the worst on the first day in the period, and dysmenorrhea gradually disappears after the menstrual period.

Endometrium is an energetic organization, it can not only "grow" in the womb, but also can "settle down" in the pelvic peritoneum, ovary, vaginal rectum place or ureter, even in bladder, pericardium, and pleura.

We call these "unstable" endometria which move outside of the womb and cause a series of symptoms "endometriosis".
Normally, ovary ovulates every month. After ovulation there will be an ovulation hole in ovary. If endometria just stay on the break, under the action of estrogen, the endometria on the ovary will also grow and fall off each month, but the blood cannot flow out and will be stranded in the ovary.

The cyst bleeds and absorbs repeatedly, thus forming a layer of membrane. The blood inside is brown, like chocolate. So this is the so-called "chocolate cyst". With the development of illness, some cysts break and produce severe pain, and some lead to adhesions around womb, affecting a woman's fertility.
If there are just minor symptoms, and no abnormality in clinical examination, it is appropriate to try expectant treatment. The only treatment is to use some simple analgesics to relieve the pain, so as to promote pregnancy. Once pregnant, the pain is expected to subside.

But if the lesions still develop and women fail pregnancy in a year or so, then you should abandon the expectant treatment and adopt a more aggressive treatment method.
TCM expert doctor Lee in Wuhan reminds that women must take good care of their bodies, protecting themselves from the daily life of dribs and drabs. Prevent various diseases actively, and adopt the right treatment in time once discomfort is found. Patients can take patended medicine Fuyan Pill to get a cure.
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