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How many treatments for endometriosis do you know?
Endometriosis is a common disease for reproductive women. It is such a kind of disease that endometrial tissue grows in the places out of uterine cavity. Endometriosis is one of common diseases that can effect women's lives and healthy so much because of its symptoms like heavy bleeding and menstrual pain. Although the pathogenesis of endometriosis is still unknown, many people hold the view that endometriosis was caused by body function changing and local lesion attacking. However, how many treatments for endometriosis do you know?
Hormonotherapy: a treatment suits for reproductive women
As for Western medicine, the most common treatment for endometriosis is hormonotherapy and operative treatment. Hormonotherapy is a kind that treatment that women should take progestogen and estrogen to restrain the growth of endometrium tissues such as taking contraceptive. What's more, almost all kinds of contraceptives contain progestogen and estrogen, which can control ovulation and slow down or stop the growing of endometrial tissue. But if women stopped contraceptive, endometrium tissues will grow again. And this disease may become severer.
Operative treatment: a treatment suits for women don't have fertility requirements
Currently, operative treatments for endometriosis are various. This treatment focus on removing intrauterine adhesion. Thus different types of endometriosis need different treatments. Although this disease has many types, the major types are focus excision, cyst excision and so on. This treatment is effective, but it has certain risk. After operation, the pain may relieve, but healthy endometriosis tissue could be damaged and some abnormal tissues might be left. So for the women who have fertility requirements, it is better for them to choose a healthier treatment such as herbal treatment - fuyan pill
Fuyan pill: a treatment that suits for women who have fertility requirements
Endometriosis is a common gynecological disease. it is closely related to the periodical change of ovary. Its major symptom is period pain. Some other symptoms are chronic pelvic cavity pain and dyspareunia. Some of the patients may even have infertility. Relieving pain is the key to cure endometriosis. As for the women who have fertility requirements, fuyan pills is the best option. It can promote qi circulation to relieve pain and promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis
Fuyan Pill is a good herbal treatment for endometriosis. Compared with surgery, it can eradicate this condition and does not have any side effects though it may work slowly. In general, sufferers can recover in three months.

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