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Dietary guidelines for endometriosis patients
Almost all women are plagued by gynecological diseases, the natural enemies for females. For women in their 30-40 years old, these diseases are more likely to occur, among which endometriosis is a very common one. After the illness, a lot of women are unwilling to seek help in a hospital. Instead, they want to be healed through diet. So in this article, some dietary guidelines for endometriosis patients will be introduced.
In western medicine, endometriosis is caused by estrogen. So the treatment core is to lower estrogen levels. While in TCM, the heat and dampness in the lower energizer, slowdown and stagnation of blood flow and qi deficiency are the main causes of endometriosis. So for the diet, endometriosis patients should eat more food that can promote blood circulation, nourish qi, eliminate heat and dampness and so on.
1.Greasy food like red meat should be avoided because they are easy to stagnate.
2.As estrogen is a main reason for endometriosis, it is necessary to minimum exposure to xenoestrogen. So patients should eat fewer foods like dairy products, beef, and chicken.
3. Patients should eat more vegetables that are rich in vitamin and fiber. These foods can support hormonal balance and help clear extra estrogen from the body. 
4. Patients should eat more iron-rich foods. For endometriosis patients, they sometimes experience heavy bleeding. At this time, women should notice replenishing blood. As iron is an important part of hemoglobin, timely supplement for the lost iron is important.
5. It is suitable for patients to eat dry fruits and nuts. These foods, including walnut, jujube and longan, can tonify qi and blood, beneficial to endometriosis patients.
Attention: the diet is not a substitute for drugs 
Diet is generally used as an auxiliary therapy. Because of its limited effects, it is not able to replace drug therapy. So for endometriosis treatment, patients are often suggested taking a formula-complete medicine to reach the purpose of cure. Fuyan pill, a kind of TCM, is such an efficient medicine.
Fuyan pill is invented by Dr. Lee Xiaoping. With a reasonable combination of more than 50 herbs, fuyan pill meets the demand of treating endometriosis. Being able to clear away heat and dampness, promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis and nourish qi, fuyan pill works well in treating endometriosis. In addition, coupled with the effects of enhancing immunity, fuyan pill can remove the endometrial lesions, curing endometriosis thoroughly.

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