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New research shows a new risk for endometriosis
Endometriosis is often a painful disorder where tissue from inside the uterus (endometrium) grows outside the uterus. It’s call retrograde menstruation. It usually attaches to the ovaries, bowel, or lining of the pelvis, but has also been known to reach as far as the liver, and even the lungs.
Usually the risk factors for endometriosis include:
One or more relatives with the condition
Never giving birth
Short menstrual cycles - short bleeding times History of pelvic infection
However, recent research shows a new risk for endometriosis.
The researchers identified 37,661 women who had been hospitalized for endometriosis over a 30 year period. The selected women were then followed until diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease or data was no longer available.
Overall, Jess and colleagues found an increased risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease for women who had endometriosis as demonstrated by a standardized incidence ratio of 1.5. This amounts to a 50% increase in the risk for inflammatory bowel disease among this patient population.
"The risk of IBD [inflammatory bowel disease] in women with endometriosis was increased even in the long term, hence suggesting a genuine association between the diseases," Jess and colleagues concluded, adding, "This may either reflect common immunological features or an impact of endometriosis treatment with oral contraceptives on risk of IBD."
Because of the possible link between treatment of endometriosis and the risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease, the researchers agreed that further study is warranted. Moreover, since these diseases have an apparent overlap, careful diagnostic work-up should be completed when patients present with persisting abdominal or gynecological symptoms.
A number of treatment options for endometriosis are available depending on the severity of your condition. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary. Laparoscopic surgery is the more conservative route and can help a woman trying to get pregnant. In extreme cases, though, a hysterectomy may be needed.
Avoid narcotic medications, since this can be a chronic disease, the chance of dependence is considered high. Get a second opinion prior to any surgery to ensure you have made an informed decision. And if you plan on getting pregnant, consider taking Fuyan Pill early, waiting too long might make the process much more difficult.
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