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The chance of getting pregnant for endometriosis women
Endometriosis refers to a common gynecological disorder that would lead to pelvic pain and infertility. About 10% to 15% of reproductive-aged females would infect with this disease. As this disease would do harm to women's reproductive organs, such as distorted anatomy in the pelvic cavity, a reduced quantity of functional ovarian tissue. That's why infertility also has close relation with endometriosis.
So what are the chances of getting pregnant for women who have endometriosis is concerned by many females. They are worrying they couldn't be a mother any more after infecting endometriosis.
It is no doubt that chance of getting pregnant for women with endometriosis are decreased greatly. Females who have Stage I or II endometriosis the chance of having a baby is approximately 2% in any given menstrual cycle (cycle fecundity rate). Females with Stage III or IV endometriosis the chance would be lower than 1%. By comparison, age-dependent cycle fecundity rates in healthy fertile women range between 15 and 25%.
If you just left it alone without any treatments for endometriosis, maybe you would never have a child.
However, the chance would be increased by treatments. And the rate would be increased differently through difficult ways; some treatments would increase the chance significantly. If you really want to get pregnant, just receive immediate treatment once you find you infect with it.
Doing laparoscopic resection for endometriosis, cycle fecundity rate in Stage I-II disease would be 4-5% but only to 1-2% in Stage III-IV. Cycle fecundity rate would increase to 4-5% after medical treatment of Stage I-II endometriosis. From recent study that the natural conception rate was 41.9% during the first year after laparoscopic surgery for women who have endometriosis without considering other factors.
By present study, the natural conception rate of females who have endometriosis during one postoperative year that have been retrospectively studied and found that 41.9% of women successfully conceived without ART or hormone treatment.
Women who are older than 35 are recommended to do IVF, Women who are younger than 35, chance of getting pregnant through IVF is about 41 percent ; 31 percent for women 35 to 37; 22 percent for women 38 to 40; and 12 percent for women 41 to 42.
These ways are not always useful and sometimes they would be painful. Fortunately, there is a solution that is suitable for women of all childbearing age who want to have a baby. This is the herbal therapy, fuyan pill, which has shown great effects on eliminating endometriosis. And it has helped almost 90% women who had endometriosis to get pregnant successfully through clinic cases. It would bring any harm to our body and it is as safe as the food we eat. It is one of the most heathy and effective solution for endometriosis women who want to be a mother.
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