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Do patients with endometriosis have a good chance of conception?
Women with endometriosis have lots of signs and symptoms. They are different owing to lesions which occur in different parts of the body. If the lesion is nearby the pelvis or ovary, it is easier to affect the function of ovulation, meanwhile it can make patients increase their menstrual cycle or prolong their menstrual periods. However, if the endometriosis occurs in the pelvic peritoneal or rectovaginal areas, this can induce female to have painful periods. Of course, if the lesion affects or damages the ovary and pelvis, and causing deeply pelvic adhesion or distorted fallopian tube, finally, it can result in infertility, in this situation; childbearing patients will doubt what the possibility of being pregnant is?
Endometriosis affecting conception is depended mainly by the detailed situation of the lesions.
According to the statistics provided by Infertility specialists, healthy women have 15% chance of infertility, but patients with endometriosis are up to almost 40% on infertility. This can explain endometriosis has already been gradually the main cause of female infertility. Even so, chance of conception is still depended by lesion part and severity of the disease. 
Endometriosis affects pregnancy cases
Different from the infertility caused by other factors such as: blocked Fallopian tube, endometriosis can make pelvis produce extensive adhesions even pelvic mass, this affects directly the ability of picking up ovum and hampers the transportation of the sperm. And if the lesion is nearby the ovary, this can affect the function of the ovary; no ovulation can lower directly the chance of being pregnant. In addition, in such a situation, patients’ endometrium have a poor ability of tolerance, after being pregnant, the possibility of natural abortion will be increased, too. All of these are the cases that endometriosis affects conception. 
 According to these mentioned above, it is not difficult to find there is not direct relation between endometriosis and the chance of conception. Only when the lesion of endometriosis occurs nearby the pelvis or ovary, this will affect conception, making patients have a lower chance of conception. In addition, if patients with endometriosis are pregnant, in this case, pregnancy can make their hormone change, it is possible for them to make the disease get better. In a word, endometriosis and the change of conception needs to analysis on the lesion of the endometriosis. 
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