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How many companion diseases are caused by endometritis?
Endometritis is a common disease in the gynecology clinics, many patients may think it is only a general gynecological disease, thus they do not care about its related companion diseases and effects on the health. In fact, if we can know about the companion diseases caused by endometritis, I believe all of you will attach importance on it, even prevent it strictly. Then, how many companion diseases are caused by endometritis?
Pelvic anti-inflammatory disease (PID)
PID is one of the most common companion diseases caused by endometritis. When patients with endometritis are in the acute stage, the expressions of inflammation are very topical, at this time, if patients can not get the timely treatment then it is possible to lead to the procrastination of the disease, finally, after further development, other organs in the pelvis will be attacked by the inflammation, as a result, the pelvic anti-inflammatory disease will occur. Once the PID exists for a long time, then it can not be eliminated that it has the possibility of developing Sepsis.
empyema in the uterine cavity
Whatever it is acute or chronic endometritis, there exists corresponding inflammatory products. And endometritis itself can be easy to lead to the blockage in the cervixneck of the uterus, in this time, the inflammatory products inner the uterine cannot be discharged out, then they will be piled up inner the uterine, finally producing the empyema in the uterine cavity. Empyema is belonging to Pathological product, if it exists for a long time, this will bring out damages to the uterine. 
Female infertility 
During these companion diseases of endometritis, female infertility is the most serious one, meanwhile, it is also one of the most common diseases. When fertilized ovum comes to the inner of the uterine, because inflammation exists in the endometrium, in this situation, it can be easy to make fertilized ovum unsuccessful in implantation on the endometrium, even if it is lucky to implantation, it can also bring into the unsteady of implantation, finally, it can bring out the occur of female infertility.
If patients have already known about the damages from the companion diseases of endometritis, then applying timely for some medicines such as: fuyan pill as a treatment, trying our best to make the damage degrade down the lowest point.
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