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Natural treatments for endometriosis
Endometriosis is regarded as a benign gynecologic diseases, it is a condition the abnormal endometrial cells grow outside the uterus. Although Endometriosis is one of the most diseases in the women, it can still bring many discomforts and damages to the patients, sometimes,it can even lead to female infertility. This is a great attack for a happy family life. Thus, treating it is very important. We pay much more attentions to the natural treatments in the passage. 
1.Dietary. It is very obvious that maintaining a good and healthy habit is very helpful to balance a condition of the body. Meanwhile, it can make patients get a improvement of health on the overall, having the ability of being against the other diseases. Eating too much foods containing Vitamin C and Vitamin E can not only have the function of anti-aging but also assist us improve the autoimmune ability, reaching the balance of Hormone. Of course, it is necessary to limit some disadvantageous foods to the health of the disease, such as: caffeine, sugar, preservatives, additives, red meats and processed foods. In a word, patients should notice the dietary, taking too much nutritious food, limiting some harmful food. 
2.Exercises. A regular exercise in each week can help patients to relieve the pains caused by endometriosis. Meanwhile, it can also make the condition of the body keep a good condition, and it can even improve your spirits. If insisting on it for a long time, it can change your whole immune system, and it is absolutely good to eliminate the disease. 
3.Acupuncture & Pelvic massage
Acupuncture and pelvic massage is very suitable for those patients with severe  pelvic pains caused by endometriosis. Proper acupuncture and pelvic massage can help to relieve the pains and it can also improve the blood circulation, finally, reaching the goal of removing the blood stasis. Furthermore, Acupuncture is called as a natural painkiller. 
4.Traditional Chinese Treatment (TCM)
A new natural way of treating endometriosis is traditional chinese treatment, like Fuyan pill. Its precious ingredients are natural like our foods; meanwhile, it can clear away the heat and toxic material, meaning that it can eliminate the inflammation and infection. And it can also promote the blood circulation to remove the blood stasis, this function is suitable for the principle of curing endometriosis from the viewpoint of the chinese medicine.  
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