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Female "White-Collar" Sedentary May Lead to "Ectopic Disease"
"White-collar" women who tend to sit for long hours under immense work pressure, could take the opportunity of some gynecological inflammation disturbing in life. They sit for a long time, and are lack of normal exercise, there could be obstacles in the circulation of blood, menstruation is not smooth enough, leading to menstrual blood reflux, causing waist and abdomen pain as well as long-term backlog, it will form a lump, which will cause Endometriosis.

Sitting for a long time, easy to encounter "ectopic disease"

Sedentary can easily lead to pelvic congestion, so that the blood circulation of the appendix and the cervix is not smooth. Because sitting for a long time, the genital ventilating is not good, it is more prone to infection, resulting in Cervicitis, cervical erosion, cervical hypertrophy, cervical polyps and other diseases. Some women are infertile for a long time, and may also be caused blood stasis due to by sedentary. 

This is because the blood flow is not smooth, it is easy to form lymphatic or bloody embolism, blocking the fallopian tube. In addition, sitting with legs crossed will hinder the blood circulation of the legs, resulting in poor circulation of blood in the pelvic cavity, resulting in aggravation of some gynecological inflammation problems in women, or causing chronic annex inflammation, causing pathogens to spread and spread through the reproductive tract. This in turn affects the entire pelvic cavity.

However, sitting for a long time, the most troublesome is still causing endometriosis. Some white-collar women with weak constitution will cause endometrial tissue hyperplasia due to sedentary, resulting in endometriosis, and then infertility.

How to discover that? Dysmenorrhea is the "signal"

Many women suffer from the hard work and family life, and often ignore the pain caused by menstruation. I think this is just a normal phenomenon that most women will happen. However, dysmenorrhea is not a normal phenomenon, and secondary dysmenorrhea usually begins with the occurrence of endometriosis.  Some dysmenorrhea is more difficult, and you need to rest in bed or use drugs to relieve pain.  Pain often worsens with the menstrual cycle. 

As the level of estrogen continues to rise, the ectopic endometrial hyperplasia begins to swell, if along with re-fertilization of progesterone, bleeding will appear, it stimulates local tissue, and resultes in pain. Experts advise that do not ignore dysmenorrhea, especially women with severe symptoms and weak tolerance, should go to the hospital in time to prevent the disease from worsening.

How to prevent and treat? Positively, timely diagnosis and treatment

TCM believes that patients with endometriosis are mostly Yang dysfunction, limbs and lower abdomen are cold and easy to get cold, more seriou during menstrual period. While some patients are not cheerful, in a long-term depressed mood, plus some incentives, so that Cold evil and qi stagnation, lead to the formation of congestion and cold evils in the uterus, that is the formation of "endometriosis". 

Prevention against the cause is the key to preventing the occurrence of endometriosis. The following points should be noted:

1. Pay attention to adjusting your emotions, maintain an optimistic and cheerful attitude, and make the function of the body's immune system normal. The so-called "Vigorous body makes no space for pathogens" is the reason.

2. Pay attention to keep warm and avoid algidity.

3. During the menstrual period, all intense sports and heavy physical labor are prohibited.

4. Girls should avoid being scared during puberty to avoid amenorrhea or overflow of period.

5. If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis, you should pay attention to maintain emotional stability, health care during menstrual period, do not get sulking, otherwise it will lead to endocrine changes.  At the same time avoid overwork.

For women who already have endometriosis, it is best to orally take natural herbal medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment, pure non-artificial ingredients, no side effects or drug resistance, and with the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation, strenthening spleen and removing dampness. It works significantly for treating endometriosis without relapse after rehabilitation.
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