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The Impact of Endometritis on Reproductive Outcome
The incidence of endometritis among gynecological diseases is very high, and is one of the most common causes for female infertility. Endometrium inflammation affecting the fetus will lead to female infertility, and the following is to introduce the cause of infertility caused by a sudden endometritis
1. Endometrium plays a major role in menstruation, reproduction, barrier function, excretion and endocrine function for women, so once endometrial infection or inflammation occurs, it will lead to these dysfunctions, bringing about infertility. 

2. Inflammation of the endometrium, it will lead to local inflammatory mediators exudation which affect embryonic development, sperm survival rate and implantation of fertilized eggs, and it will even lead to tubal obstruction once it involves the fallopian tube.
3. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens can stimulate the cellular and humoral immune response of women. These inflammatory cells will phagocytose the sperm that enter the female body and have toxic and side effects on embryonic development. These immune antibodies will also cause certain effects on the implantation of fertilized eggs, placenta implantation and development. 

4. Endometritis will release a large number of toxic cells, and endometrial blood vessels, so as to cause local microcirculation expansion. Smooth muscle relaxation will be changed, thereby affecting the normal pregnancy of women. 
5. If infected by tuberculosis, amoeba and schistosome, the condition of endometritis can be more serious, since the damage of the endometrium will bring about intrauterine adhesions and pathological changes, making it lose its function, inducing infertility. 
6. Viral endometritis will not only cause infertility, but also fetal malformations, abortion, premature delivery, premature rupture of membranes, or even neonatal infection, future growth and development disorders. 

In life, women must pay attention to personal hygiene, avoid infection of the uterus or other reproductive organs, thereby reducing the incidence of infertility. In addition, if the diagnosis of endometritis is presented by doctors, they need not to worry, they can take natural medicine Fuyan Pill, which is specifically designed for female genitourinary system treatment. 
The herbal ingredients of scutellaria, gardenia, and licorice have the power of clearing away heat and detoxifying, poria and atractylodes invigorate spleen, and dispell dampness; In addition, peach kernel, and safflower unblock blood stasis and relieve pain, along with other 50 kinds of composition, Fuyan Pill can cure endometritis effectively with no side effects, no recurrence after recovery.
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