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Can Endometritis be Healed by Ourselves?
Endometritis is a manifestation of gynecological inflammation, the symptoms mainly include endometrial congestion, edema and inflammatory exudates. In some serious cases, endometritis can lead to endometrial necrosis, falling off and causes ulcers.

Meanwhile, the inflammation can also infiltrate deep and result in myositis, or  spread on both sides, leading to tubal inflammation. Patients with mild symptoms, they can only feel mild abdominal pain, increased vaginal secretions, the condition can be aggravated after activities or sexual intercourse.

Typically, the phenomenon of self-healing can not be found on these women with endometritis. Therefore, it is better for women to see a doctor in time at the beginning of the illness, and then remove the inflammation as soon as possible, in order to prevent it from deteriorating and causing more harm to themselves.
For women with endometritis, if they can go to the hospital at the early stage of the disease for examination and then receive appropriate treatment, their rates of being cured can be very high. However, recently it is found that there are some women with endometritis will not be treated for the disease, because they think that the disease will be self-healed by themselves, is this recognition correct?
According to the research and investigation, the self-healing rate of patients with endometritis is basically zero. And if women with endometritis do not treat the disease in time, the condition will become more and more serious, and rate of being cured will also be reduced. So what are the ways to treat endometritis? There are usually two ways to treat endometritis, one is drug therapy, the other is surgical therapy.
Drug therapy for endometritis is suitable for women in the early stages of the disease, because women patients in this period have a milder condition and the rate of deterioration is slower, sothe rate of disease deterioration can be controlled with this method. Patients can take the integrated way of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment. Normally, patients can choose the herbal medicine Fuyan pill,  that can be a good treatment of eliminating the inflammation of cervical, uterine, pelvic, ovarian and other parts. Only about three months with strict control of diet,  Fuyan Pill can effectively treat endometritis and relieve the pain of patients.

But for women with much more severe condition, they need to be treated by surgery. Patients at this stage will deteriorate rapidly, they can only choose a rapid and thorough surgical method to treat the lesion.
There are two things that patients with endometritis need to remember in their daily life. First, they should pay attention to personal hygiene, because the disease of endometritis is usually caused by the infection of women. Once their hygiene is poor, they may be subjected to secondary infection, which will aggravate their condition. Second , the patients are not supposed to eat food like onion, ginger, garlic, pepper seafood, seafood products and other stimulating food. In order to avoid stimulating their bodies, leading to aggravation of the disease.
In conclusion, for women with endometritis, their disease basically can not be self-healed.So when a woman finds herself suffering from this disease, she should receive appropriate treatment in time to prevent the condition from deteriorating. In addition to receiving treatment, patients should also pay attention to daily nursing work.
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