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These Foods Should Be Avoided for Patients with Endometriosis
Diet is closely related to our health, a balanced diet and good eating habits are helpful to our health and reduce the occurrence of diseases. Similarly, if you suffer from certain diseases such as endometriosis, in order to cooperate with the treatment and prevent the aggravation of the disease, you need to pay more attention to diet.

1. Acidic food
The common acidic foods involve vinegar, pickle, lemon, plum, pomegranate, jujube, apricot, bayberry, green plum and so on. These acidic foods are not conducive to the discharge of menstrual flow, but also aggravate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea in patients with endometriosis, so patients should pay attention to avoid eating those foods as much as possible in daily life.
2. Cold food 
For example, cold drinks, cold foods and watermelon, balsam pear, mung bean, cucumber, crab, snail, etc., they can cause cold blood clotting and blood stasis, and also lead to the aggravation of dysmenorrhea and other discomfort, so patients should pay attention to avoid eating them, especially before and after menstruation.
3. Spicy and stimulating foods
It mainly includes pepper, pepper, leek, raw onion, ginger, garlic and so on. These foods are spicy and irritating, which can lead to pelvic congestion, and then lead to the aggravation of the condition and symptoms of endometriosis.
4. Caffeine-containing beverages
Caffeine can also cause some patients with endometriosis dysmenorrhea, so patients with endometriosis should also try to reduce the daily intake of caffeine, try not to drink coffee, soda, tea, and other caffeine-containing beverages.
5. Food with excessive supplementation
It includes foods such as mutton, longan, donkey-hide glue, royal jelly, etc. These foods and supplements with hemagglutination and high estrogen content may lead to the aggravation or even complication of endometriosis, so it is recommended to avoid eating as much as possible.
It is reminded that endometriosis will continue to worsen with the cyclical changes of ovarian hormones, so patients with endometriosis must pay attention to their diet, and then actively receive treatment.
The treatment of endometriosis can be divided into three main types:
1. Chemical medicine treatment
Chemical medicine treatment is to stimulate one person's endometrium to atrophy through hormone drugs, thus producing a curative effect. At present, there are mainly two kinds, one is pseudo-menopausal therapy, the other is pseudo-pregnancy therapy.
2. Surgical treatment
Surgical treatment is divided into conservative treatment, semi-conservative treatment, and radical surgical treatment. 
Conservative surgical treatment refers to resecting only the lesions of the endometriosis while preserving the uterus and normal ovarian and other tissue. This is mainly for young patients with fertility requirements. 
Semi-conservative surgical treatment refers to the removal of the uterus while resecting pathological tissue, but retaining normal ovarian tissue, mainly for older patients with children. But for patients, whether they choose chemical medicine or surgical treatment, they have to bear huge side effects and a high rate of recurrence.
3. Treatment of Natural Medicine
It will not produce any side effects, and it can also help patients to regulate the whole body, repair the damaged organs and tissues, and cure the endometriosis fundamentally. Patients can choose Fuyan Pill, it consists of gardenia, forsythia, scutellaria baicalensis, honeysuckle and other natural herbs which can function as activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, clearing away heat and toxic material and promote qi and relieve pain and effectively alleviate the discomfort of patients.
At last, it is advised that you should take good care of yourself and receive treatment if there is anything abnormal, and I wish you recover as soon as possible.
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