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Can Endometriosis Be Solved Without Surgery?
When a woman is diagnosed with endometriosis, she might be worried about her treatment. Usually, the first thing coming to her mind is to undergo a surgery, which seems to be an insecure option in her opinion. 
Endometriosis is actually a gynecological inflammation, not a tumor or something worse. So female friends don't have to be too anxious due to the disease, which is totally curable with right treatment. In general, for women with endometriosis, surgery is the preferred treatment. If you still have concerns, there are a variety of treatments offered for you.

First of all, surgery is an efficient and complete option. If you can not bear the pain and discomfort caused by endometriosis, you should consider surgery. For example, laparoscopic surgery is usually performed to remove diseased tissues. Patients can feel obvious improvement after surgery. But they should also pay much attention to health care and reexamination after surgery, in case of postoperative infection.
You need to know that surgery for endometriosis is generally expensive. Without medical insurance, undergoing comprehensive surgery and reexamination may cost a lot than you think. If the endometriosis is not very serious, medication can be used to solve the problem, which usually cause few damage to you and won't affect the uterine function.
In most cases, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan pill developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping's TCM Clinic, which can help clear away pain and discomfort in female reproductive system, effectively eliminate inflammation and improve female menstruation. Sticking to taking the pill will effectively treat endometriosis without any side effects.

Drug therapy for endometriosis is a relatively slow process, so it's important to keep medication requirements in mind during the treatment. There are several things to beware of.
1. Avoid spicy food, alcohol, tobacco and seafood. You are suggested to eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins and nutrients.
2. If you need to take other drugs due to some diseases you have at the same time, you should inform your doctor first and follow his advice. Don’t take drugs blindly, which may affect the treatment of endometriosis. 
3. Pay attention to the hygiene of medication, beware of unknowing infection. If there is something going wrong during your treatment, you should stop your medication and go to the hospital in time.
In final, you need to know that the recurrence rate of endometriosis is relatively high. Therefore, no matter what treatment you choose, you should thoroughly finish it. Besides, develop good living habits and eating habits can help you better prevent endometriosis.

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