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If The Female Often Sits For Too Long, Beware Of Endometriosis
As is often mentioned, too often sitting for a long time can cause damage to human body. For men, it is one of the causes of getting prostatitis. As for women, it can easily cause female diseases as well. The endometriosis is included.
Female friends, especially office workers, can not avoid being sedentary for the whole day due to the busy tasks. In fact, there are many disadvantages for women to be sedentary when working. This is a bad habit that can easily lead to pelvic congestion so that the blood circulation in the appendix and cervix will be not smooth.

Being sitting for too long can make the private parts not well ventilated, and may lead to a humid environment for bacteria growth and reproduction. In this case, it can be easy to cause infection and then trigger cervicitis, cervical erosion, cervical hypertrophy, cervical polyps and other diseases.
Physiologically, sitting on two legs for a long time will also hinder the blood circulation in the leg, resulting in poor blood circulation in the pelvic cavity and leading to the aggravation of some common gynecological inflammations in women. So the endometriosis and the endometrial hyperplasia can be easily induced.
When women have endometriosis, they may have pelvic pain, painful intercourse and urination, painful bowel movements during the period, lower back pain, fatigue and other negative feelings. You should also know that severe endometriosis can lead to infertility in females.
So to women with these troubles, they should get treated in time. Based on traditional Chinese medicine, more and more female patients with endometriosis are detected as Yang deficiency constitution. That is to say, their limbs and abdomen are afraid of cold, and chills may be more severe during menstruation.
For the treatment of endometriosis, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be a great options for female friends, which can help them to eliminate inflammation and reduce the risk of being infertile. It is safer and more reliable than usual drugs, which doesn’t cause any side effect or drug resistance.
Staying away from the endometriosis needs female friends to receive treatment actively and at the same time, keeping good living habits are important. In addition to avoiding sitting for too long, there are several details they should notice.
1. Don't overwork or stay up late, and have more rest during treatment.
2. Pay attention to personal hygiene and keep a moderate sexual life.
3. Keep a health diet and don't indulge in alcohol, tobacco or spicy foods.
4. Do more sports in spare time and try to relax.
5. Get regular medical checkups and don’t take drugs blindly when you are out of condition.

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