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Why Does Endometriosis Make You Feel Pain?
Endometriosis is a common gynecological disease, but many female friends do not understand it well, and what they only know is that they will have a stomachache during menstruation. Most of them think that it is just normal dysmenorrhea and don't pay much attention to it. As a result, endometriosis gets worse piece by piece, making females suffer a lot.
Why dose endometriosis make you feel pain?

The pain caused by endometriosis is due to the ectopic endometrium shedding and bleeding during menstruation, but this bleeding does not come out of the vagina but remains in the ectopic area.
Every time you have menstruation, the amount of blood that accumulates at the site of the ectopic lesion will gradually increase, and the pressure between tissues can also increase and cause pain, and it is the dysmenorrhea with progressive aggravation, which means every menstrual pain will be worse than the previous one.
If the ectopic lesion ruptures and there is blood flow, it will cause extensive adhesion with the surrounding tissues, and even affect pregnancy, resulting in infertility. So when you have endometriosis, you need symptomatic treatment according to the site of endometriosis, to avoid the impact of infertility and improve dysmenorrhea.
With the continuous development of medical level, there are also a lot of treatments for endometriosis. Female patients should actively seek relevant examination. Professional doctors can make a reasonable treatment plan according to the degree of the patient's condition.
There are many types of the treatment of endometriosis, divided into two categories, including surgery and conservative methods, usually medication. The surgical treatment may lead to trauma with varying degrees, which can only cut off the local lesion. But because the disease can cause heavy adhesion, and there will be a risk of getting diseases in the ovary and pelvic cavity if the operation is not complete. You should think twice before choosing the surgical treatment.
Besides, medication can also be helpful, such as herbal medicine Fuyan Pill developed by Dr. Lee Xiaoping's TCM Clinic. It can effectively dispel inflammation. And it features no side effects or drug resistance. The Treatment should be early, and at the same time, female patients also need to do a good daily care and conditioning,which is of big help to the treatment, usually including daily diet, personal hygiene, moderate sexual life, a balance between work and rest, and physical exercise.

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