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Severe Endometritis can Cause Female Infertility

How to cure female infertility caused by severe endometritis? There are several approaches to treat this disease currently , but with poor effectiveness.

Endometritis refers to inflammation of the endometrium , is an infectious disease on the inner lining of the uterus . In severe cases, it may lead to myometritis.

Acute endometritis

The causes of acute endometritis include: mycoplasma, chlamydia, various bacterial infection; abortion, puerperal infection, IUD and cervical dilatation.

Symptoms include: chill, shiver, fever(38-40℃) , quicken pulse, fatigues, sudation, lower abdominal pain and ptosis, lower back soreness, excessive bloody purulent leukorrhea with stink.

Signs: painful lower abdomen. Large amount of purulent stinky discharge would be found by endoscopy. Uterine pain during bimanual examination. Uterine swollen and tenderness due to hyperemia. Examination shows a growth of leukocyte and neutrophil.

Chronic endometritis

Patients with chronic endometritis share the same cause. The symptoms of the disease include: Lowe abdominal sagging distention during menstruation, painful lumbosacral portion, bloody vaginal discharge ; excessive menstruations, prolonged menstruation, dysmenorrhea and DUB.

Biopsy found that lesion area is endometrium . Pyometra may enlarge uterus, which cause tenderness around uterine tissues. Bleeding may be found in menopausal women , with leukorrhea increased and thinned.

Infertility caused by endometritis

Bacterial toxic and neutrophil phagocytic inflammation can kill or reduce the energy(motility) of sperm in the uterine cavity, which lead to infertility. Zygote(fertilized egg) is difficult to implant to fertilize. Inflammatory endometrium can reduce the chance of fertilization because of unstable implantation.

Traditional Chinese medicine treats endometritis

The prescription of traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill contains materials kill bacteria effectively, its function of clearing away heat and toxic materials helps killing all kinds of bacteria , mycoplasma and chlamydia in 3 months. After taking the medicine, enlarged uterus would come to normal size, pain would be alleviated , 3-4 months is the course of the treatment.


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