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How to enjoy a quality of life with the endometriosis ?

It is widely accepted that endometriosis, with the symptoms including pelvic pain and cramping, lower back pain, painful sex, painful bowel, is a painful and long-lasting gynaecological disease which affects women almost at all ages and is the major cause for infertility. This disease may have significant impact on their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for it often involves delays in diagnosis, unbearable pain and ineffective treatment, greatly decreasing the quality of patients’ life. So, here comes a question-how to enjoy a quality of life with the endometriosis?
It is estimated that about 10% of women who age 15 to 49 in the world suffer from the pain resulting from endometriosis. A previous survey in Bayer and the results of World Endometriosis Research Foundation’s EndoCost Quality of Life Study published in Human Reproduction in July 2013 proved that the disease does have an effect in terms of their sex life, relationship, performance and attendance at school or work, social functioning, mental health, vitality and body pain. Women who participated those studies and were required to fill validated questionnaires in their own languages and assess the impact of endometriosis on health-related quality of their lives said symptoms of endometrosis they suffered including painful sex (dyspareunia), chronic pain, and the number of co-morbidities negatively affects both the physical and mental components of quality of their lives. Some of them even said that the disease recurrence drove them to go on disability.
Furthermore, these studies also show that more than half of women with endometriosis tends to have depression and moderate anxiety. Compared with the healthy people, the patients are four times more likely to suffer allergy problems and migraines.
So, after knowing the fact that one can not enjoy a quality of life with carries endometriosis, what should she do to get rid of such disease to live a quality life?
Well, herbal treatment by taking Chinese medicine like Fuyan pill made of pure natural herbs may bring hope to them. This medicine without any side effects and drug resistance has shown great effect on curing endometriosis according to many patients who have healed from such disease and seen no recurrence of it after taking the medicine. Because some herbs in Fuyan pill have a direct effect on the lesions and can effectively eradicates various symptoms of the disease. Besides, the pill can also help to improve the body environment and enhance the immunity of the patients.
Generally speaking, there is no way for women with endometriosis to enjoy a quality of life if they don’t accept any proper treatment like taking Fuyan pill and a better understanding of endometriosis could help them choose the better treatment, thus decreasing the negative impact of the disease on their quality of life.

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