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What life would be if women left endometriosis untreated?
Endometriosis is one of the most common diseases among women. It would affect hundreds of millions women’s normal life every year. For this kind of disease would always made women’s life mess up, it would commonly bring some unbearable symptoms,symptoms of endometriosis are pain with bowel movements or urination, excessive bleeding, painful sex, infertility and so on. It is really hard to image what life would be if women left endometriosis untreated. However, according to some of patients personal experiences, I could describe it for you.
Firstly, since it could bring painful urination and bowel movements, you normal urination and bowel movements would be much miserable and difficult than normal people. You could enjoy a normal life like most people. And the pain would become worse and worse with time goes by.
Secondly, as excessive bleeding, you would become much weaker than usual, and your immune ability would decrease. It would be much easier for you to get sick. So you would lack of spirit everyday, and you couldn’t concentrate on your work, your work efficient would decrease greatly.
Thirdly, you would suffer from painful sex, this is to say, having sex is almost impossible for you. This would of course make your husband unsatisfied. Thus the harmonious relation between you and your husband would be broken.
Last but not the least, you would hardly have a child, a child is one of the most important elements in a family and you even couldn’t have a complete family. You should bear the blame from both the family and pressure the society.
In a word, endometriosis affects every single aspect of your life: relationships, physical and emotional health, work, school, social engagements, and just normal day-to-day life. So once you infected with it, you shouldn’t left it untreated. What you should do is to the treatment immediately.

With the advanced medical technology, the choices for curing endometriosis are various. And among these treatments, one of the most effective and the safest is herbal medicine. The herbal medicine fuyan pill which is made from natural herbs, has been proven effective by many clinic cases. So it is really a suitable choice for endometriosis patients.
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